Do you love buying men gifts and now you’ve already exhausted all your choices? How about trying out customised gifts from Printcious?

1. T-shirt.
There are a wide variety of themes you can go for when making a custom T-shirt. You know what they say you are what you wear… Okay I’m sure they don’t say that but after making enough T-shirts from Printcious you will! Printcious has large selection of graphics ranging from humor or down right motivational. And if you can’t find something that’s more for him, upload a picture with the user-friendly interface then simply place the picture on the shirt and you’re done!


2. Mugs
To be more accurate, moustache mugs. Or shall we call it, a mug-stache? Does he have a glorious moustache? If no, well motivate him to grow one with his very own mug-stache! Win-win situation. If yes, then he needs a mug to emphasise his masculinity. Luckily Printcious has a decent variety of mug-staches to choose from. Pick the graphic closest to his “stache” and print on!


3. Cushion
A custom cushion is the perfect customised gift for men, like a brother that has a huge crush on a celebrity (like this Batman cushion). Get a picture and paste it on a cushion. He’ll finally get the chance to embrace his idol! Alternatively, you could print a picture of anything he hates and he could punch it to distress himself such as this puzzled skull cushion.


4. Puzzles
Speaking of hate, do you have a relative, an uncle, or a brother you just quite simply dislike, but you have to get him a gift anyway? Look for the most complicated/detailed picture you could find and get it printed on a jigsaw puzzle. You can then watch as they suffer trying to piece the image together.

Image source

5. Ceramic tiles
Ceramic tiles are an easy way of spiffing up the place. You could have family pictures or logos from brands that you love and have it printed. For example, if he’s a big fan of Superman, you can have the symbol printed and gift it as a decoration for his room! Alternatively, motivational pictures to look at in the morning such as this “I Turn Coffee Into Code“. For something a little more stylized, you might wanna check out this “Black and White Line” design.