It may be Monday, but don’t feel blue! We have great news for all you Apple & Samsung fans out there. Printcious is coming out with a crazy promotion to kick start the New Year! Right now they’re having a mind blowing phone case sale with a discount up to 90%! The sale is so insane, a customised phone casing for iPhone 4/4s is only RM4 each! You’re not going to find another deal like that anywhere else!

You might think that making your own personalised phone case could be on the pricey side, but Printcious offers affordable casing options. Take advantage of the sale and you can get your own iPhone 4 / iPhone 4S casing for only RM4!

Check out some of Printcious’ phone cases they have in their store.
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It’s simple, light coloured and elegant suitable for young ladies like yourself!

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How about these floral designs? These designs are becoming a trend for phone cases as of late.

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Black and white designs are never out of style. These vogue designs are suitable for both male and female.



If u love customisable accessories, start personalising your phone case today easily online for iPhone 4, iPhone 5, iPhone 6, Samsung Galaxy S5, Samsung Galaxy S6 etc.

Like what you’re reading so far? Hurry and grab your phone cases or covers now because this deal is limited to the first 300 customers!

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