Are you an illustrator or a graphic designer? Did you know that you could print your own merchandise with Printcious.com? Printcious allows illustrators and graphic designers bring their artwork to life. You can have your artworks printed on mugs, mousepads, ceramic tiles and even t-shirts! And all it takes is just a few steps.

Digitalize your images to PNG or JPEG
If you have a drawing that you’ve done traditionally, such as paper or canvas, transfer it to a soft copy format. For the most part, people scan their artworks to achieve quality resolution of their artwork. Taking a photo could work, but it might not appear as clear and accurate as scanning. If your artwork is already in digital format, convert your images into a PNG or a JPEG file.

Step 1
When creating your image to print, make sure areas that you don’t want to be printed (such as white background) is transparent and saved in PNG format.


Step 2
Once you have saved  your image file, go to Printcious.com and click on the “Create” tab. Click on product of your preference (e.g. T-shirt).



Step 3
Then, click on the “Customise It” button. It will take you to our customisation tool.


Step 4
Click “Add Image” then click “Upload Files”. Select the image you want printed and then click Open.


Step 5
Click on the image in the Gallery, proceed to click “Insert”.


Step 6
Once you see your image on the product, adjust the size to your preference. When you’re satisfied with the look of the finished work, click “Done”!


All that’s left is to add the product to cart and make your purchase within 3 working days. Now, printing your artworks to create your range of merchandise has never been so convenient. Just go online, upload, edit and order!

What are you waiting for? Create your own t-shirt today!