Every times you see him walking down the hallway, your heart feels like its going to be squeezed so hard.
When you make an eye contact with him, you feel like dying.
When he talks to you, you can’t contain your happiness as if it’s going to explode.

We get that.
Some of us have been there, to feel the rush of emotion flowing through your body,
Butterflies reside in your tummy.

Crush is a strong emotion of infatuation or attraction towards someone and there is no Science that can explain how it feels.

It’s nonsensical, inexplicable and sometimes, irrational.

But when you have a crush with your male friend, that's entirely a different matter.

The thing about being in love is that you want to let them know that you like them. Comes the birthday or any special days in his life, you want to be the first to wish him or to congratulate him. Ultimately, you want to gift them something special. Because you just want to..

It’s inexplicable, remember?

But you don’t want to over doing it, so how you should go about it?

This is where we come in 😎

Be subtle with your gift

Don’t go overboard by giving him something you can’t afford. It’s just a crush, sometimes it is temporary. Sorry, girls but this is the reality that we live in. You should be subtle and avoid looking like you’re desperate. Guys can sense it from a mile away.

A simple gift like a Happy birthday card should suffice or you can customise a mug adorned with your wishes on it. But when you over do it by giving him something expensive or a bouquet of flowers, you have to draw the line fast.

Gift him something he likes

If you have been friends with him for years (urgh the agony of loving your friend, we get it), you have the advantage of knowing what he likes and what he abhors in gifts. Tap into that knowledge and find a great gift for him.

The problem of finding someone a gift starts when one doesn’t know about their recipients’ likes and dislikes or the personalities they carry. But you do. So act on it.

Make it meaningful

You can get any gifts when you walk to any gift stores. Find something that you think looks cute and then you’re off to pay. That’s convenient but it doesn’t work to your advantage. You have to find a gift that works for you and one which better reflect his personality. Otherwise, it is going to be just another gift piling on top of other gifts.

So, how can you gift something that is meaningful to him? One in which he will cherish forever?

Simple, personalise a gift for him. Add his name, print his photo on it. This actually send a message to him that you put a lot of thoughts into this gift. It’s overt with a touch of subtlety.