Do you love your dog? Silly question to ask really because if you’re reading this article then chances are you do. Since you love your dog that much, you must have bought a ton of items for them such as toys, treats, and accessories. How about dog tee shirts or outfits? Some pet owners like to dress their pets and themselves in cute matching dog tees as a way of expressing their love.

What’s your preferred style for dog clothing? Not really sure as you’ve only stuck to the basic dog t-shirts? Well, since Malaysia is a hot country that enjoys tropical climate year-round it is a pretty logical choice. But if you’ve ever wondered what other types of dog outfits are available in the market be it local or international, we’ve got you covered.

1. Casual Pup

Let’s start off with the most basic and casual look of all; dog or puppy t-shirts. This outfit style is the most common and probably amongst the most comfortable for pet dogs everywhere (dependent on weather). Some stores sell ready-made designs where others allow you to customise it according to your personal preference.

2. Pampered Pup

Spoil your precious pet dog with an outfit decorated with ribbons and lace. Whether they’re originally of high pedigree or not, this kind of outfit will turn any dog or pup regardless of their origins into high society sweethearts.

3. Cool Pup

Nothing says cool like a hoodie-wearing pupper. Doesn’t hurt that it’s adorable to boot. The added benefit of this style is that it also helps to keep your dog or puppy warm during the colder seasons.

4. Cozy Pup

Your dog can’t stand the cold? Then get them a stylishly snug jacket to keep them nice and warm throughout the night and even during the rainy days. For added protection for those cute little ears of theirs, get one with a hood on top.

5. Formal Pup

Got a special event to attend? Instead of leaving your doggo at home on account of them not having the right outfit for the occasion,  get this formalwear and you’ll be able to enter all sorts of high-class venue with them by your side.

These are only some of the outfit styles available for pet dogs. If you know where to look, numerous outfits for pets can be found in stores both online and offline. So why not browse around for the perfect dog I.D. t-shirt, dog face t-shirt or a dog lover t-shirt for yourself. We know just the place for you to begin your search; at Printcious!