What’s better than having a scrumptious Lou Sang to celebrate an upcoming Chinese New Year? Once again all Malaysian’s e-commerce industry players had gathered for the greatest Lou Sang, a special Malaysian treat to celebrate a Lunar Year. This year marks the third eCommerce Kaki CNY LouSang and this year’s gathering surely had us going like AWWW especially with the huge turnout this year from all of the e-commerce representatives.

Held at Unique Seafood Citta Mall on 8 Feb 2018, we were greeted with over 280 people participated in LouSang event and we had this amazing chance to meet some of the major players in Malaysian’s e-commerce world. It was certainly a great way for all of us to mingle and bonded together over delicious delicacies with fun and endless waves of laughter. Some of the participants include Lazada, Shopee, MOLPay, iPay88, Exabytes, EasyParcel, LWE, Aramex, ATKC, Hermo, eBay, JOCOM, ClickAsia, IT Comp, SallyFashion, SushiVid, JOCOM, SITEC, PIKOM, MDEC, SiteGiant, 91App, and much more.

Lou Sang which translated as “mixed or tossed raw” is a Chinese Malaysian dish which is widely practiced among Malaysian. When the time comes to ‘attack the LouSang’, everyone will gather around the dish with a chopstick in hand. Then, every person will dig the dish while shouting auspicious words or wishes. The higher one tosses, the better one’s luck!

Dig in!



Took almost 2 months to bring together a group of kaki e-commerce, we owed this to Carol Fung who had worked together with other individuals to make this event a success. To be honest, it was not an easy task to group e-commerce merchants all around Malaysia for an event but she managed to pull it off and thanks to her and her team’s effort; we can have a great get together for Chinese New Year regardless of different races and religions as all had come together to support this event.

Carol Fung was all smiles (in blue blouse) as she took photo with others

As the number of attendances increases this year, we reckon that it’s going to be huge next year as well! Take a look at the highlights of the event that surely will have us anticipated with excitement. With an awesome array of goodies, karaoke session, and even lucky draws, it was a truly a day to remember.

Cool goodies for attendees 

Check out the lucky draw prizes

Printcious also played our part as we sponsored the event with our very own name card. Guests got to write their own name which will make it easier for us to know who’s attending. Isn’t that swell? To top it all, there was also donation session held for those who are in need.

Thanks a million to all sponsors!


Cute name card from Printcious

All in all, Printcious is truly honored and feels blessed to be part of this year’s LouSang. We wish everyone a Happy Chinese New Year and may we meet again next year.