Technology has broken down so many doors and has given countless opportunities to local startups and individuals to chase after their distinct goals. JomLaunch is at the helm of this incredible journey and is continuously seeking to showcase exceptional web apps, hardware and startup ideas developed by Malaysian entrepreneurs.

JomLaunch (essentially meaning ‘let’s launch’) is an initiative organised by JomWeb, a community of 13,000 strong comprising programmers, developers and ICT industry players who believe in the power of ICT and its positive impact to help push the industry to the next level. So far, there have been two previous JomLaunch events that have garnered much attention from showcasing a number of notable projects. This time around, JomLaunch 3.0 moved to stir and uplift 16 new budding projects.

JL2Image credit JomWeb

“[The projects] were Jooblii, IoT Switch, Tabungku, Hifz, RPZDB, Unimuf, MakanJom, SumberManusia, Quadifi, Putra App, Ordervery, Jom+Help, GoUmrah, CloudHRD, CastMyCode V2 and last but not least NEF’s own project, OtakIT.” – Stampede-Design

This most recent installment of JomLaunch was made even more noteworthy as it is also part of this year’s Malaysia Open Source Conference (MOSCMY) events.

JL3Image credit JomWeb

We were honoured to have been approached by JomWeb to sponsor a number of merchandise which included button badges, lanyards, non-woven bags and stickers. Printcious was more than happy to help them customise a set of gift items for their event last Saturday (28th May 2016) that was held to showcase the 16 startup ideas and projects by way of 10 minute presentations.

JL1Image credit JomWeb

We’re glad to have been able to play a part in the JomLaunch 3.0 event and would like to wish only the best to JomWeb in the hopes of helping many local startups to succeed in their business ideas.