The final day. It would mark the end of late nights playing video games, hanging out till dawn at the mamak and possibly even unplanned road trips looking for delicious food across the country, at least for the first few months. Sounds like I’m painting a rather glum outlook on weddings hovering between curfew and restrictions, but it’s a given that things are not the same anymore once that status on Facebook turns from single to married. It’s not like dating where you change it on a whim from single to ready to mingle with a click of a button, with marriage comes responsibility but at the same time assurance. For one, you’re actually sharing your life with someone who’s committed to seeing out the rest of their life with you. While you may not be able to do what you always do while you were single, you can do all of the above with your significant other, if he or she is down with it.

The comfort in knowing that each and every time you open that door, there will be someone waiting for you at home and not just an empty home filled with microwaveable food and instant noodles. You actually get to share everything with your spouse, from A to Z and rest assured that they won’t be walking out on you at a moment’s notice. Someone to love, someone to grow old with. Someone to finally hold permanent to that Player 2 controller that’s been collecting dust all this time.

So when the time comes for your best friend to get married, you should be all geared up and ready to throw the most awesome bachelor party the country has ever seen so that there won’t ever be any regrets left. It’s written in the stars that the best friend will usually end up as the best man.

So, by now, since you have already been elected best man by the groom, you should probably be done with your bachelor party planning. Whether it’s your best friend’s or your brother’s wedding, you have to get it right when you’re planning for the last party that the groom will be attending as a single guy. So, it has to be great.

Come on now, will it be the greatest bachelor party ever if you don’t have custom printed t-shirts for the groom and the groomsmen? Of course not, you have to get personalised t-shirts for the groom, the groomsmen and yourself. Years of pent up jokes and puns are just waiting for you to bring your creative touch to them. Although, you have got to make sure that the groom’s t-shirt is designed to be the most special one, because you know, he’s kind of like the man, being the one getting married and all.

So redirect all of your focus and creative juices flowing for this one moment and throw the best bachelor party starting with getting him something easy-to-wear and just as easy to take it off for the events that’s about to unfold later in the evening at the party.

“Last fling before the Ring”