Why are conferences held? It’s actually a good way to invite a large group of individuals who share a common interest. Through conferences, they’ll be able to discuss about their interests or related issues. There are various types of conferences but the most common ones would be academic and professional conferences. Since these types of conferences typically involve academicians and industry professionals, it is more formal in nature compared to other conferences out there.

Does your company organise conferences often? Is it mostly internal conferences or do you also handle external conferences? Organising a single conference by itself is hard work as a lot of things need to be taken into account. Even internal conferences need a lot of planning and decision-making. From preparing discussion topics, providing entertainment for conference-goers, food selection and also conference gifts for attendees, a lot has to be done to ensure a smooth conference experience.

We can’t really help you with the discussion topics as we don’t know what your conference is going to be about, but we can help you brainstorm regarding the type of entertainment for your conference, food choices, as well as conference gift ideas. Let’s first talk about the types of activities you can hold which will make your conference more exciting. An icebreaker activity is a good thing to do at the beginning of the conference as it’ll allow the conference-goers to get to know one another better in an entertaining way. Besides that, you can also hold lucky draws.

Food is a must and there’s no negotiating about it. You can’t expect the conference-goers to starve or bring their own meals. After listening and participating in discussions as well as activities, they’ll be sure to be ravenous. So a good food spread is a must. Make sure that you also take into account their special dietary needs as some people may be vegans or vegetarians. Their religious beliefs play important roles in what they eat too, so double-check in order to make certain that all bases are covered.

When people attend conferences, they expect a lot of things. If they need to pay in order to attend it, of course, they’ll want to get their money’s worth. Although you’ve already provided the location, food, and entertainment, something extra is needed. Something like a conference swag bag or in other words, welcome gifts for conference attendees. Get awesome conference swag bag ideas by exploring Printcious’ personalised gift shop. There, you can find all sorts of special custom-printed gifts and personal photo print gifts which can be customised with ease according to the theme of your conference. Explore us today!