Our founder of Printcious, Vincent Tong was invited to the Professional Printing Solutions Day as EPSON’s guest on the 11th of March 2016.


The start of a great Epson trade show!


A live printing demo of Epson’s state of the art large format printers.


Vincent’s inteview by Epson. Read about it in this post! Printcious is able to produce great products and deliver swiftly thanks to Epson’s printers.


Watch the video here:

Below is Vincent standing between C.K. Tee, Sales Manager of Large Format Printing (LFP) (left) and Dickson Lee, Senior Manager of LFP (right).


Printcious has chosen Epson as our printer partner, because we believe that only by delivering best printing quality, fast delivery service & affordable price, our customers will have 100% satisfaction and come back to us again. To invest your EPSON printer, check it out at www.epson.com.my