If feminine and fashionable illustrations are your thing, you might just like Aimi Azmi‘s designs. Check out her designer store and you might end up with a design to take home!

1. First thing first, what lured you into picking up the pen/pencil/brush/charcoal for the first time?
I started to draw since I was small, mostly influenced by Japanese Animation and characters. I still remember copying Doraemon comic books when I was in Elementary school. I enjoy reading comic books and I want to draw as well as the comic artist I love.

2. What keeps your creativity tank full and ready to go each time you create something new?
I usually got ideas after watching or reading from animation movies, dramas, and fictional books. They gave me a lot of ideas and I enjoy drawing Fanarts as well.

3. What are your tools of trade and would you recommend them to fellow artists?
For traditional drawings I just used normal pencils and Pilot drawing pens. For Digital Illustrations I used Wacom Bamboo and Paint Tool SAI software. It is very light drawing software and easy to use. Highly recommended for digital illustration Beginners too!2

4. What is the most memorable place you’ve found inspiration for your next artwork at and do you frequently go there for more ideas?
I don’t have any specific place to find inspiration but when I am outside I will make sure to bring my sketchbook and sketch or jot down my ideas. Sometimes I just sit in café, bus stop or park to doodle the environment and people around.

5. Out of all the artworks that you have produced thus far, would you happen to have a favorite amongst them that you consider to be your baby?
Yes, I have. It is just a simple doodle of a woman in Hijab, but it was one of my earliest digital artwork that makes me think: “Oh, I want to make more artwork like this in the future!”  I have been using this drawing a lot as my profile pictures and even include it in my business card.5

6. What are your thoughts on Printcious? Feel free to comment on before and after joining us.
I found Printcious through Facebook Advertisement and I was happy to know that there is a platform for me to sell my artwork through products. It is a great opportunity to let people know about my artwork, and my passion. I also enjoy looking through other artists artwork in the website and it is a very good platform for art lovers to shop as well.

7. Do you find yourself able to benefit from Printcious’ Designer Program and would you recommend it to other artists out there that are still finding a Malaysian platform to sell their artworks
Yes, of course. Even though I have not been long with Printcious yet I do receive a lot of benefits after I have joined. From getting more known throughout Malaysia, they also get some income from this Designer program. The artists are not just to be able to market their artwork but they also can tell their stories to the world. This also helps for Malaysian talented artists to grow and makes people appreciates more ART in their daily lives.

8. Printcious is now international! What do you feel about the possibilities of your artworks travelling the world?
Well, it will be a dream comes true! It is always my goal, and I am sure all artists goal to be known for their artwork throughout the world. As I my artwork is focusing in Hijab and Woman illustrations, I hope I can spread the message for people in other side of the world to stop Islamophobia and women harassment.

9. Lastly, we’re letting you promote your designer store in your own words. No word limits, go for it!
Hi, I am Aimi Azmi who loves to draw women fashion and hijab illustrations. I hope my illustration can help to make people (especially girls) who love art happy and confident as it also provides inspirational and supportive messages.

10. Thank you very much for participating in this Q&A session. We wish you further growth & success in the near future!
Thank you for the kind interview invitation as well. Hope Printcious will be one of the biggest art platforms in Malaysia!4