Are you good at finding problems? Has anyone ever told you that you could be a professional critic? Then show us how good you are by finding something “shitty” about our website. And for that we’ll give you your very own FREE customised Dryfit T-shirt! We’ll even deliver it to you!

Printcious is doing it’s very best to make sure their customer are always happy.

By finding out
– what customers don’t like about our website
– things it can improve on
– and maybe even finding errors on our website

1. Sign up to www.printcious.com
2. Review Printcious.com and it’s features
3. Find the “shit” via screen capture and give your feedback and suggestion
4. PM Printcious Facebook page.

It’s that easy! After you’ve completed all these, you’ll receive your FREE customised Dryfit T-shirt! But hurry, we have 30 to give away! First come first serve.

1. Participants may submit feedback more than once.
2. Contest period from 17th Jan 2016 until further notice.
3. Results will be announced within 3 working days once feedback is submitted.
4. All winners will be contacted for gift redemption.
5. The winner must redeem the prize within 5 working days.
6. FREE delivery within Malaysia.

1. Printcious reserves the right to reject applications without prior notice.
2. The decision is final and no correspondence will be entertained.
3. Contest is open only to Malaysians.
4. Printcious reserves the right to amend the T&C without prior notice.
5. By participating in this contest, participants has agreed to the T & C.