Destination : Balik Kampung Almost there 78%
The traffic is usually so bad it feels like you’re travelling to another country. 
With endless cries of children from the backseat and the constant battle with sleep, makes for one gruelling journey back to the countryside. But it wasn’t all bad, considering what awaits you at the end of the journey. The warm smile of your parents waiting eagerly for their kids and their grandkids arrival (more on the latter). That’s in the past, now begins the invitations to open houses everywhere, even better than that is the feast and the rare biskut raya that you’d get to munch on to your heart’s content.

1. Almond London

Standing at no.1 is the sweet and tasty ‘kuih raya’ and it’s definitely one of the first ones to finish. At the centre lies a perfectly roasted almond, surrounded by a crunchy texture, coated with creamy milk chocolate and sprinkled with some chopped almonds. The perfect blend of crunchy almonds and sweet chocolate makes it the perfect way to start this blog.

2. Pineapple Tart

The next contender is the one that crumbles and melts in your mouth. A generous filling of freshly made pineapple jam safely tucked inside the crumbly texture of the cookie dough, will fill your taste buds with unbridled joy and happiness.

3. Cornflake Honey

The alternative to having them with milk. One of the best snacks to be had when you’re all huddled up in front of the television with the usual funny movies televised during the day and horror movies at night. The method of making them is just as simple as the name suggests. Cornflakes drizzled with honey and baked to make them stick and even more crunchy. It’s basically the popcorn for Eid.

4. Semperit

You could’ve mistaken them for flowers just because of the way that they’re shaped.  They usually come in yellow with a single red dot in the middle to complete the look. Crumbly and delicious, you could even marvel at their exquisite texture as if they were intricately carved one piece at a time.

5. Mazola Biscuit

Anything that starts off with blending in sugar with peanuts is always going to turn out sweet and nutty. They’re not all that hard to make, just blend everything and mix them together into a dough which you will then shape them into tiny balls using a teaspoon. All that’s left is to bake them and spread a little egg yolk on them for that fine brown appeal and voila, you’d have your very own Mazola Biscuit.

6. Popia Simpul Kasih

If you’re familiar with popia then you’d already know that they usually come in two ways. Fried or raw, with both of them having the same beansprout filling among other vegetables. Here’s the catch, that’s not the only thing that you can put in there, in fact having serunding in them makes it taste even better albeit less healthy.

7. Kuih Ros / Loyang

By now you’re probably already full and just want something that you can snack on, something lightweight that you can nibble on just for the sake of it. A very easy traditional snack to make, just that you have to fry them one at a time. The batter isn’t much different than your usual cucur, just replace the all purpose flour with rice flour and add coconut milk into the mix and you’re set to go.

8. Kuih Kapit

Traditionally it was grilled over charcoal and some chose the alternative to just fry them and the latest was that making them straight out of their very own toaster. Once again, it’s more of a snack like the kerepek that you normally see in jars or classic tin biscuits, as to which method tastes better. We’ll let you be the judge of that.

9. Bangkit Kelapa

Rise! That’s basically what this cookie is all about. This white and chalky-textured goodness is sweet but please refrain from talking and eating as you’ll be puffing out a bunch of white powder. Enjoy them one at a time, preferably in silence or when the host is talking to you. Let your ears do the listening and your mouth do all the eating.

10. Makmur

Momo like a certain kpop artist in a famous kpop group or much better known as Makmur is a real delicacy. Even just from looking at it you’ll know that it’s going to be a mess if you were thinking about eating it while in the car, let alone talking while it’s in your mouth. Despite these minor setbacks, they’re a delicious treat especially for those that love nuts. They’ll absolutely go nuts for these. There’s no harm in just going there to eat till you’re full but if you want to give something back in return then you can always invite them over to your house or just get them a gift in exchange, a personalized one at that, to compensate for diminishing their food supply.