I don’t know about you but a stylish iPhone case is a staple piece in my everyday ensemble. That doesn’t mean I have a handful of unused casings lying around. I only really buy new cases after my old one breaks or if I’m itching to get something trendy (yup, I totally did that floral trend thing). If you’re not one for plain solid colours, then dressing up your tech can be pretty exciting but also frustrating because there are just so many choices! As long as I can go out knowing my phone is protected, it’s all worth it.

So to make it easier for you to choose your casing, I’ve narrowed down 9 customisable phone cases by Printcious Designer, Eric’s Design.

1. Classic Flora Pattern
2. Wood Abstract
3. Wave Purple | Wave Green
4. Ocean Wave Blue | Ocean Wave Purple
5. Koi Fish
6. Classic Texture Line
7. Hispter Style Deer
8. Geometric Dull Color
9. Geometric Ocean

Do you see a design that you need to have? I just can’t pick one favourite. They’re all so nice. Happy shopping!