Getting gifts for other people’s birthdays are always challenging due to the worry that the recipient might not like the gift. Especially when it comes to finding your best friend a gift that’s totally going to blow her or his mind. You might have searched high and low for ‘the present’ but there’s just something missing. From millions and millions of things out there to choose from, it is always helpful to get some kind of help in getting the perfect gift. Fret not, because we’re here to save the day! Or, actually, help you choose out some of the most practical but affordable gifts that your best friend or even your loved ones would surely appreciate. And we’re going to do it, according to the 12 zodiac signs.

Aries (Mar 21-Apr 20)

The thing about Arians is that they are adventurous and energetic and this could be due to the fact that Aries is the first sign of spring (when everything comes to life after winter). They are also said to be like a child, enthusiastic and dynamic. With that energy, an Arian would surely love to travel and a suitable gift that could be given to a fellow Arian would be a luggage tag. These luggage tags would come in handy, especially when they have to wait hours and hours for their bag at the airport. 

Taurus (Apr 21-May 21)


                                                                “Come at me, if you dare!”

Taureans are also very persistent, after making up their mind, but before making a decision, they would wait by thinking through every possibility. They are also warm-hearted, determined and also security-loving (or in other words, careful). This means that giving them a coaster would be a great idea! The coaster, which acts a mat for a mug (that might be filled with coffee), is a safety net against all the possibility of the hot seeping liquid ruining a Taureans’ expensive mahogany table. Coasters are very practical, and they could be used for a long time before it breaks down.

Gemini (May 22-June 21)

Geminis are almost always dubbed as two-faced because of the fact that they are symbolized by the twins (which means that they have two sides of themselves which do not mean that they are in any way, fake!) but in actuality, they are the versatile ones. Geminis are adaptable and intellectual, which makes them witty! A good gift for Geminis would be a magic mug because, like them, the mug also has two sides to them. When hot water is poured into the mug, it changes and just like Geminis, the mugs are tough.

Cancer (June 22-July 22)

Cancers are very imaginative. They can take the world, by their creative intuition and this is enhanced by their emotional nature, which actually makes them very protective at the same time. They are the feelers, the one who feels too much, but don’t take this as a sign that they are weak. Cancers are a stickler to their own principle and would be very strong in standing up on their intuitions. To treasure the memories, a suitable gift would be a custom made puzzle, with pictures of your favorite memories with a Cancer. They would certainly appreciate the emotionally-attached gift!

Leo (July 23-Aug 21)

The suitable phrase for Leos would be “kill em with kindness” because that’s what they are; kind (and also generous, and warm-hearted). These kind ones would most certainly put others first, instead of thinking mainly about themselves. Although Leos are nice, don’t ever take advantage of them, because they’ll know, and most probably hurt you in the nicest way possible. (Or, actually, just be nice to everyone). They are also very daring and creative, ready to let out their unique ideas, to share with others. A cute gift idea would be this beautiful mouse pad that embodies a Leo: sugar, spice, and everything nice! 

Virgo (Aug 22-Sep 23)

            Virgos are known to be very modest and reserved. They wouldn’t put too much on their sleeves, believing that their emotions aren’t for show. Another trait that would scream ‘VIRGO!’ in the face would be practical. They hate the fluffy and the unnecessary things and would love things that are functional and also gifts that could help them to be organized. A great gift idea for Virgos would be a button badge with a magnetic bottle opener that could be customized to suit their style. It’s two in one purpose as a fastener between two material (or an addition to your bag) and a traveling bottle opener!

Libra (Sep 24-Oct 23)

Libras are often as the social media king/queen because of their great ability to socialize with people! These social butterflies not only are popular online but also in real life, because of their ability to be a likable person without compromising their authentic personality. Their adaptability is usually envied upon because they could fit in almost anywhere! A Libra would surely appreciate a phone case as a gift, due to their phone being one of their most prized possession. The phone case is highly durable and has unique and vibrant designs that you could choose to fit the Libras personality.

Scorpio (Oct 24-Nov 22)

Scorpios are the mysterious ones in the bunch. They don’t reveal much about themselves and they are inquisitive and would like to question almost everything. Being mysterious, as well as passionate pulls people in because people would want to know more about the mystery that surrounds these Scorpios. What would be a better gift than a magnet, while giving the magnet, maybe write a playful note about their very magnetic features? 😉

Sagittarius (Nov 23-Dec 22)

Sagittariuses are the ones who think the glass is half full, instead of half empty. The optimistic bunch is also loyal and uplifting. They travel a lot, physically and also mentally, thinking a lot about philosophical questions and maybe existential crises? These vibrant ball of sunshine are also witty due to their intelligence and frankness. Something that could be a gift idea that the Sagittariuses would love might be a throw pillow with vibrant colors that they could use to maybe throw at their friends while having fun or to use when they’re crushed with a philosophical dilemma.

Capricorn (Dec 23-Jan 20)

Capricorns are the honest ones, that would not be afraid of saying what they think that also has a really strong funny bone and when both of these qualities combined, they are very witty and always have a comeback for everything. These bunches are also very practical and also very ambitious, that they know what they want in life. Capricorns are also highly appreciative and they would be very grateful for is a cute graphic tee, with a funny comeback printed on it, that they can wear and use when someone is giving them a tough time.

Aquarius (Jan 21-Feb 19)

Boring? Not an Aquarius! They have a unique and unusual sense of style, and also impulsive. They would be what people would call an original, and surely they are inventive. Aquarians are also humanitarians of the world and loves to help others, whenever they can. Independent and intellectual, Aquarians likes a good balance of solitude and socializing. Get an Aquarian a door hanger that’s one of a kind for them to use when they’re in the mood to invent something!

Pisces (Feb 20-Mar 20)

The Pisces are the dreamers of the world. They have a good imagination, being able to construct creative ideas from nothing to something. Pisces are also sensitive and spiritual people and would love sentimental items. At the same time, they are highly sympathetic and would share others’ emotions, as well as feeling their own emotions. Something that could be a great gift to a fellow Pisces would be an apron, that they could use whenever they decide to whip up something that most probably would be for someone else.

And, there you go! 12 gift ideas for 12 different horoscope signs! But remember, what matters during gift-giving is the thought itself. It doesn’t matter much what you would give (although giving something they love would be a huge plus!), as long as it comes from the heart. For more customizable gifts, please visit our website at Printcious. We have a lot more gifts, customizable or ready made, to choose from. See you there!