If you think owls are only good for necklace and pendants, wait until you see these owls that perfectly capture our daily life happenings. When, you say? Here are 7 times owls are definitely humans.

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1. When you have that one grammar nazi buddy that just has to correct every single thing in your sentence. “It’s toe-may-toe not toe-mah-toe.”

2. When you know you did something wrong and go to hide in the most obscure places, just waiting for your mother to call your full name in an ominous tone.

3. When your eyebrows are on fleek and you feel absolutely untouchable. #fabulous

4. When you’re getting pampered at the spa and the beauty assistant gives you one hell of a massage.

5. When you hear the latest gossip after being out of the loop for so long.

6. When you hear someone mutter under their breath after your argument. “Heard you were talking sh*t?”

7. When the movie is just too good and you don’t want any distractions or obstructions.

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