Once in a while you look in the mirror and wonder how your face would look like with your nose longer, your cheekbones higher, your chin sharper, your smile wider. You think about how your features complement each other better and then you realise that your striking characteristics overemphasized. You look almost comical and grotesque. But you love it anyway!

These are caricatures and they make ordinary cotton t-shirts extraordinary!cari1Image credit: bienvenidoalinternet.net

They’re awesome! Caricatures take our best (and worst) features and intensify them until our faces become an amusing novelty portrait. They’re great to display around the house as cushionsceramic tiles or even on your special mug.

Include your pets in your caricature phone cases and ceramic tiles!cari2
cari5Image credit: bookofstephen.xyz

Caricaturists are amazing artists as they do live drawings, especially in black and white. Some may even do coloured portraits for you. In Malaysia, you can occasionally see caricaturists drawing in shopping malls and parks. Scan one of your own portraits and get it printed on a mug, a phone case or even a mouse pad.

Enjoy your drinks better knowing that you’ve been immortalised as a mug.cari-11Image credit: chrischua.deviantart.com

If you’re a caricaturist yourself, you might be interested in getting some commissions done through our dealer program. Complement your eccentric illustrations with an equally one-of-a-kind gift that’s printed on demand at Printcious.

Draw, print and hang your caricature canvases in your home.
cari13Artwork credit: caricature.co.uk

And if you already have a cool sketch ready, don’t miss your chance to create a noteworthy gift for yourself or your family and friends!