If you’ve already graduated from school then you must have experienced this. Of course, it might not be the same for all but for most, it’s pretty close to the mark. As for those of you who have yet to graduate, there’s no need to panic. This is just the passing of emotions most students go through when they’ve completed their studies. It might not apply to you at all.

1. Disbelief

You’ve studied your ass off these past few years and yet you still can’t believe that all that has led to your graduation. It’s not that you don’t realise the years passing but somehow it feels surreal that all that will be ending and pretty soon. All those years spent in class studying with your friends and mortal enemies you’ve managed to make, all those will just become memories to look back on in the coming years.

2. Emotionless

For some, once they’re no longer in denial or disbelief over their forthcoming graduation day, they start to feel no emotion regarding it as they view it to be just an ordinary experience that warrants no additional thoughts and emotions on their behalf. Where some might be giddy with excitement and others worried thinking about the looming future ahead, these emotion-absent individuals are at complete peace thinking about absolutely nothing.

3. Happy

After graduation is the happiest period for most students as that is their time of freedom. Freedom from studies, exams, classes, and all those annoying things related to gaining knowledge. During this amazing period, graduates can often be found travelling and whiling away their time by going to the movies, shopping at the malls, online gift stores, etc.

4. Worry

The period of happiness might last for a few months at the most but after that worry will slowly start to creep in. For, no matter how happy one is over their newfound freedom, they can’t deny that the uncertain future ahead in terms of career prospects (for those who wish to start working) as well as furthering studies doesn’t cause them to fret and worry. This worrisome feeling will start small at first but as time passes, it will grow and fester. Especially when close friends who graduated at the same time have successfully moved on to the next stage of their lives.

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