If you’re a member of the opposite sex, you must think that shopping for girls is a near-impossible task. Though that can be true at times for certain individuals, most of the time the answer to the question “What gift should I get?” can easily be answered if you think it through and take note of their personal preference. But to help those of you who find it hard to even think of a gift that’ll be suitable or well-liked by the girl you have in mind, we’ve prepared a special cheat sheet full of tips just for you.

1. Babies

Babies are cute, small, and delicate. Since they’re small, don’t get them a gift that can easily be put inside their little mouths. As their skin is soft, make sure your gift isn’t rough to the touch as it can hurt or irritate their skin. A safe bet of a gift is soft toys or plushies. However, you can also get them a soft to the touch cloth book for babies. Another good option is adorably self-designed white baby rompers for girls.

2. Toddlers

No longer helpless and unable to communicate with others, these talkative young’ uns that love to babble a mile a minute might be slightly harder to shop for since they’re quick to show their likes and dislikes for certain things without caring about the giver’s feelings. For picky giftees such as these, delicious sweet treats like cakes and chocolates will do the trick. Yet, if you’re worried about the parents’ disapproval, get them a set of fun custom sticker designs.

3. Children

You might think since they’re still kids they aren’t picky about anything. That’s where you’re wrong as some children can be as picky as adults. So when you’re searching for the perfect gift for your little girl, nieces, or grandchild, make sure to keep their personal taste in mind. If they’re currently a fan of a specific animated character, get them something related. It doesn’t have to be a useless toy that doesn’t help in their personal growth. Instead, get them a personalized jigsaw puzzle print.

4. Teenagers

Ah, the teenage years. What a wonderfully challenging year for adults with teenage children. But we’re not here to talk about that. Let’s talk about the types of gifts for teenage girls you can get in Malaysia. A new smartphone? Too expensive and will spoil them rotten since they already have a working one. Perhaps, consider getting them a custom-made t-shirt that shows off their personality and sense of style?

5. Adults

Thinking of getting a special gift for her that she’ll definitely love? Get inspiration for her gift by scrolling through her social media postings. It may sound stalkery but through it, you’re bound to find items or shops that she’s shown her liking for which will help you with the gift purchase. If budget isn’t an option, just directly purchase the item from the store. Though, if you’re like most of us who certainly have to keep to a certain budget for everything which includes gifts, search for it online at Printcious, the home of quality, budget-friendly gifts for your loved ones.

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