Healthy-ish Fast Food Options

Are we counting the calories together?

Most of the time when people say healthier alternatives to fast food what does that really mean. What is fast food anyway?

According to Wikipedia, Fast food is food that is mass-produced that is prepared and served very quickly. It is usually with lower nutritional value compared to other food and dishes. So if I understand this correctly, any meal that is with low preparation time can be considered fast food.

But let’s face it, the fast food that we know so well tastes really, really good. Sometimes, nothing beats those greasy, crispy morsels. Now before you start looking at me sideways with dagger eyes, I am well aware that fast food should be taken in moderation. Especially with kids in mind. However, I am not one of those moms that shun all the food lumped under “bad food for kids” – yes I do bear in mind age appropriateness as well.

There will be some days when you just want to get everyone fed, and the fastest, nearest option is to hit the fast food joints. Fear not, there are some healthier choices you can make while having fast food – that is if you’re just counting calories. Let’s look through some of the popular ones first:


For mum:

healthy fast food

Beef Burger :  258 Calories

I was going to put my money on the Grilled Chicken Burger, but the calorie counter was empty for some reason. So beef burger it is. Skip the fries and bring along your own bottled water if you want to keep the calories at bay.  But I can honestly tell you I don’t have the will power when it comes to McDonald’s fries. While the husband and I may pile our fries on to the tray to share, I do make a point to guard my share of fries every time. I can part with the carbonated drink, but parting with the fries would be a tad too much.

For the kids:

healthy fast food

Happy Meal®: Ayam Goreng McD™: 223 Calories

Who counts calories for kids anyway. But in the case of choosing which I think is healthiest, I would still go with the fried chicken because it is an actual chicken part. I’m not entirely sure what dubious meats go into the rest, so it is unlikely I would order them.

credit : McDonald

Kentucky Fried Chicken

For everyone

healthy fast food

 Original Recipe® Chicken Breast – 320 CaloriesHot & Spicy – Chicken Breast – 353 CaloriesZinger Burger – 480 Calories I have always ordered chicken when I go to KFC, but I NEVER order the breast. I’m more of a thigh and wings kinda girl and I like them spicy. Original recipe is still roping in lower  calories compared to Hot & Spicy, although not by very much. I must say, after seeing this today, I might need to rethink ever ordering a Zinger again. A whopping 480 Calories for a burger- no kidding- and this is still JUST the burger. 

credit: Kentucky Fried Chicken


For everyone

healthy fast food

 Good choices are thin crust pizzas with lots of vegetables. But let’s face it, the kids would probably hate you for it. If you like meat, choose chicken or seafood, instead of processed meat toppings, like salami and pepperoni. – 

credit: Dominos

credit : 

Some moms might be cringing right about now, so let’s for education sake check out sushi outlets which is probably way, way, way healthier. Chain sushi outlets would definitely have most of their ingredients mass produced. The sushi itself also takes very little time to assemble, ergo, passes as fast food. 

To see calorie counts for Sushi King click here.

To see calorie counts for Sakae Sushi click here. 

Averagely, a general plate of sushi would range about this:

General Sushi (Sakae Sushi)

Serving Size: 1 plate, Calories: 75, Fat: 2g, Carbs: 15g, Protein: 3g

 Sushi (Sushi King)

Serving Size: 3 tablespoons, Calories: 175, Fat: 4.4g, Carbs: 29.6g, Protein: 4.3g 

So in comparison to the popular fast food chains mentioned about, clearly sushi joints are way healthier. Well, that is IF you refrain from ordering anything in their karaage (deep fried) range. Ultimately in the end it is all about moderation and making the right choices. If I choose to eat 20 plates of sushi I could still round up a very high calorie count despite it being a healthier option. So eat everything in moderation, and if you have the option to make a healthier choice, take it. At the end of the day,you are what you eat after all.

Original article contributed by theAsianparent