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Harry Potter brought us into a world where anything and everything is possible. From flying cars to Hippogriffs, Hogwarts let our imaginations run as wild as we want with the iconic trio of Harry, Ron and Hermione. Words spoken by our favourite fictional characters carried with us to this day and are food for thoughts about many situations.

About Life

Never let the dark past affect your ways. Everyone has done something they’re not proud of but what you do afterwards and how it makes you grow up is what matters most. What you are now and what you will grow into should be your goals.

About Unity

Time and again we’re told that united we stand, divided we fall and what better time to think these words thoroughly than now?

About Character

Treat others how you wish others would treat you. This is only ethical and right. No matter who you are and how far you’ve gone in life, karma is right around the corner to deliver the finishing blow.

About Integrity

What’s right may be bitter and what’s wrong may be the easiest route. Never lose faith and speak only the truth even if it hurts.

We love these inspirational quotes the most and they’re definitely something we’d gift to our friends. What’s the most memorable quote for you?

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