Sounds clickbaity right? But let’s get real. Roughly how many people there are at the mall? How many of them wear t-shirts? It’s arguably one of the most worn outfit in Malaysia, due to the climate is one thing but also because they’re so versatile and so easy to put on, you don’t need to iron them. Saves time getting ready trying to match them with everything else. So it doesn’t really come as a surprise that marketing your business through t-shirts or just call them t-shirts for business is an effective marketing strategy. It gets the word out into the world, without even saying a word plus it acts as your very own personal walking billboard that can go through each and anywhere the wearer decides to step into.

Now, you might be thinking what does t-shirt have anything to do with running a restaurant, if the food’s good then people will eventually flock to eat it, right? Not quite. There’s a reason why in five star restaurants there’s very specific instructions to plate your dish and not just serve them to eat just like that. There’s art even in preparing food, so now that we’ve come to terms that being visually appealing also adds to the flavour of the dish, we can move on to the actual topic at hand. While you’re probably not a 5-star restaurant, not just yet. While you may try to replicate beautiful looking dishes but there’s a clear distinction between the two.

Take the other option, get all of your staff something cool and unique to wear when you create their very own custom printed t-shirts for restaurants. While it may or may not help make your food more palatable, but it does help. It doesn’t even matter if you’re running a bar since you can always custom design it to suit your theme.

Even better if you’re planning an event, since you can get your very own personal t-shirts for bar at a discounted price. If you’re worried about what your design will look like on your t-shirt then an online design tool might just help, creating a mock-up of your t-shirt printed with the design of your choice to give you a glimpse of what it’ll look like later when it’s actually printed.

If you are interested in starting your own gift & t-shirt printing businesses, check this out~