Unlike women who happen to be born as shopaholics, shopping for a man can be a disaster particularly if you do not have the slightest clue on what to buy for your loved ones. But, here’s the thing about men or specifically your man; he will never let you know whether he is into that gift you’ve given him. PERIOD.Then, how would you know that your boyfriend/husband truly appreciate your gifts since he doesn’t even show it?

That’s the thing about men; they are a mysterious creature. They will never let you in willingly. Sometimes you need to force the information out of him.

Then, how would you know that your boyfriend/husband truly appreciate your gifts since he doesn’t even show it?

If he wears/ uses it all the time, it is definitely a thumb up for you.
But if he left it in his closet to collect dust; we’re pretty sure you know the answer to that.

There are a few tricks up our sleeves to let you know on how you can tackle this.

#1 Give him what he really WANTS

If his birthday is around the corner, he would probably start giving you a subtle hint of what he really wants for his birthday. Don’t miss out on these hints. They can totally save your time and you don’t have to rack your brain in order to get him a gift. Save yourself a hustle. Be extra observant and pick up his hidden hints.

#2 Gift him what he really NEEDS at that time

There’s a fine line between what he really NEEDS and WANTS. For instance, you might have noticed that he keeps losing the track of time. If that’s the case, buy him a new watch. Who knows this is just what he exactly needs. This is also a preparation for the future; so that you don’t have to keep reminding him to be punctual at all times when he goes out with you.

#3 Pick something related to his HOBBIES

Any guys will definitely appreciate gifts related to their likes and preferences especially if it concerns his hobbies. You need to know of his interests and what he truly loves. Thus, buying a gift for him should be itsy bitsy as you note his likes and dislikes.

#4 ASK what he wants for his birthday

He may be a guy but believe us when we tell you this; guys also have demands and needs especially when it concerns his special day. If you are at your wit’s end; then it will be best if you just ask him straight away. But let us warn you beforehand, BE CAREFUL what you wish for.

Buying a gift for your boyfriend should be a fun and enjoyable experience particularly when you are shopping a gift for the ones you truly love as you’ve already known him inside and out. Looking for a precious and thoughtful gift for his birthday that is going to rock his world and surely will not be left all alone and dusty inside his closet? Then, check out our website for more inspiration about the best gifts you can present to him.