Are you a t-shirt kind of person? Have you ever getting tired of seeing countless of t-shirts out there in the market but nothing’s worth your attention?
Nevertheless, with so many options out there to choose from, at the end of the day, you just want something to reflect your personality and your thoughts.
What’s the better way to show them than having your own customised t-shirt?

We get it. Designing is no easy feat.
You might wonder on how you can create a T-shirt without no basic knowledge of design?
But do you know that with our Online Design Tools you can create your own customised design without no restriction and on top of all, it is USER-FRIENDLY?
You can create just about anything and who knows that there are hidden creativity spirits lurking inside you just waiting to be unleashed?
Another best part is that you can design them ANYWHERE and EVERYWHERE as long as you have an Internet connection. Then, you are good to go.

Therefore, in this entry, we will show you a tutorial on how you can create a simple design for your own personalised T-shirt with our Online Design Tools.

#1 Visit Printcious website. (Where else, right? :p)

#2 Hover your mouse to the Create section as it will show you Graphic Tee option. Click on the Graphic Tee.

#3 This is the create design page. In here, you can see the preview of your design as well as available size. But first, we need to customise it (step 4)
Click on the button and it will lead you to our Online Design Tools. 

#4 Next step, do you see the two icons (TEXT and IMAGE) on your left? These are great tools for you to add your text and image.

What are we going to do first is to add a simple text and later, insert an image.
1. When you click on TEXT, a text box will appear. If you wish to make some changes, just click on the text box and then you will find options for you to select the font, its sizes, and the colour as well.
Add the text in the yellow box on your left. You can also resize the text if you wish to.
2. Click on IMAGE and a photo gallery will appear. You can upload any photo of your choice and even can upload them using Facebook. Isn’t that wonderful? But for now, we will use this picture.
3. Once you have finished and satisfied with the design, click on DONE

#5 You can see the preview for your design here. You just have to click on ADD TO CART and proceed with checkout.

And the final result………taraaa

Wow, isn’t that fun?

Not only you can create and design the T-shirt but you can also customised other products as well. Our products range from mugs, cushions, mousepads, phone cases, button badges and lots more!

Go ahead and try our Online Design Tools.
You might get addicted after a while.