Why spend all that money to hire an interior designer for your house when you can do it yourself for almost nothing. Because it’s hard work and you’d much rather prefer letting other people do all the heavy lifting? What if we told you that you can easily decorate your house without breaking a sweat (unless you’re the type to sweat just by breathing) and at a fraction of the cost to hire a designer? Scratch that, it won’t even be a fraction with our tips and tricks.

1. Nautical Flower Vase

Via shopee.co.id

For this easy DIY creation, all you’ll need is some rope and a hot glue gun that can easily be purchased at DIY stores or even online shops such as Shopee. Of course, you’ll also need a container for the flowers. To save money, you can visit your local RM2 shop but if that’s not an option just head on over to Mr.DIY or stores like it. Want to save even more money? Then just use any old container you can find lying around your house (there’s bound to be one) and repurpose it. As for the method for creating a nautical-inspired flower vase, if it wasn’t clear enough from the materials listed down, just glue the rope around the container using a hot glue gun.

2. Personalised Stone Paperweights

Via happyhooligans.ca

When you were young, you must have thought that paperweights were pointless. But now that you’re older, you finally realise how useful they can be in keeping your tissues, papers, or any thin lightweight item for that matter from flying off and making a mess around your home, office, etc. Now, anything with a hefty weight and compact size can easily become a paperweight. But where’s the fun in that? So, get a stone or even a decent-sized seashell from the beach and paint it with eye-catching colours so that it adds a bit of flair to your surroundings. The best thing about this DIY idea is that it will practically cost you nothing!

3. Custom Photo Collage

Via scoopon.com.au

We adore sentimental gifts and so we just had to include this DIY design into our list. A photo collage is the perfect combination of gift, memory, and sincerity. The method in which the chosen photos full of meaning and love have been compiled inside a frame be it heart-shaped, triangle-shaped, or whatever shape you want it to be shows the effort and sincerity of the gifter to the giftee. But just because it makes a great gift, who says you can’t create a collage for your own personal pleasure.

Each of the DIY items listed above are as beautiful as they are affordable so why not try your hand at making them for yourself or for your loved ones. But if by chance these simple DIY gift items are still too much for you to handle, then just leave it up to the professionals such as us who major in creating awesome custom-made gifts.