It doesn’t matter whether you just moved to a new house or even just want to make your house look just a tad bit different, there’s no telling just how important it is in how you decorate your house. Even the simplest of mistakes can either make your house look bland or small or simply dark. So here’s where we come into the fray…you don’t need to become a professional interior designer to make your home look well like a home.

1.Choosing the right colours is essential

but not without taking into account how much space is afforded to you. If you’re thinking of finding something more on the safe side then you can just follow our guidelines. If you’ve only got a small room to work with, then can’t go wrong choosing a much softer and lighter colour to make the room feel larger.



2. Let there be light

Another tips for those with small rooms, you can simply use this ancient yet very much established method to make your rooms look larger whilst at the same time let the much needed natural light reflected all across the room. Because let’s face it, what’s a room painted in white is going to do if you can’t see it in the first place.


3. A little bit of mix up goes a long way

but you need to find the right balance in between the two things, in patterns and textures, expensive and inexpensive, vintage and modern designs surprisingly match if you do it right. All that you need to do is to find the right balance or even choose which one you prefer to be the dominating element than the other.


4. Avoid any slip ups, with slip covers.

They’re not really the most adored method to dress your furniture, even more so when it looks like you’re just wrapping some fabric over your furniture like you’re going away on a vacation. But! They can also be easily changed without having to have a pulsating headache in trying to change your furniture in lieu with the season.

5. Wicker baskets, is a genuinely wicked idea.

Okay, you’d either think that was a neat touch or lame. Anyhow, *ehem* it’s one of the best ways to add some much needed utility tool into your room. Not only does it look great but it adds that much needed earthy element into your room, like putting a little bit of parsley into your spaghetti to balance out the entire dish.

6. It goes without saying, use what you already got.

From the old utensils that you have just lying around in the kitchen untouched like a ladle that can be used as a candle holder. Kitchen wares like spoon and forks that are no longer usable can be easily reused as a decorative piece where you place your keys. Just stick them on some hard wood and bend it a little so that the keys won’t fall off, it looks way better than it sounds. recycling old suitcases as a bedside table screams out originality like nothing ever before.

There’s a huge variety of ways to reinvigorate or reuse these items to make them look brand new.

7. Get some paint or wallpaper on your bookcases.

You can either get the whole thing painted, or even just some of it. Namely the inside compartment, the place where actual books are stored in. Try and paint it with pop colours that will make well, your room pop out.

These are some of the things that you can do to make your home look that much better or you can just get our products to make your home look more personalized at Printcious.