Want to start being a Printcious Designer? All you’ll need is your original artworks, a computer and an internet connection to join the program! This is where you start raking in the dough.

First thing’s first, upload your image and create a product!

1. Go to “My Designs” page and click on the “Upload Design” button. It’ll take you to a page that selects from your folder and other info to fill in.

2. After you’ve uploaded your image, click on this “Create Product” button!
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3. Select how much you think your artwork is worth! It ranges from 30% ~ 99%.

4. Once you’ve done those, scroll down and you’ll see that you can re position and adjust your image on the gift item.

Once you’re satisfied with your image positioning, click “Generate Product Photos” to preview what i looks like!

5. Click the “Post Your Product For Sale” button and that’s it! You’ve posted your first product!

Now, learn how to be Printcious’ Top Designer!

Begin your career as a full fledged freelance artist TODAY, FOR FREE! Join the Printcious Designer Program and you’ll be finally able to work from home. Sell your artwork online and make money today.


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