Printcious Affiliate Program - Malaysia

Here’s a few way to earn easy cash with Printcious’ Affiliate Program.

If you’re not already a blogger, you might want to start. All you really have to do is write – and here’s the best part – you can write about everything and anything far as long as it’s content.

So now you’re asking what does Printcious has to do with all this? Printcious has recently created an affiliate program where you can earn up to 10% of commission rate on sales depending on product type. You also will get a free t-shirt for your first sign up!

Minimum Referral Payment Up to 10% commission rate on all products
Volume Bonus Up to 15% per sale
Cookie Length 60 days
Minimum Payout RM50
Payment Methods Cheque or Online Transfer
Refund Rate Less than 1%

When collecting your commission, you will receive payments through cheque or online transfer. It is important to remember that the minimum payout when withdrawing is RM50. The cookie length (the time difference between someone clicking on the banner and buying a product) is within 60 days. That benefits you as an affiliate as most online shoppers will take while deciding their purchase.

Additionally, you could earn a bonus percentage of that commission according to the volume of the sales. Below is a table stating the percentage of bonus according to the monthly base sales:

Monthly Base Sales

% Bonus
RM0 – RM199


RM200 – RM999


RM1,000 – RM2,999


RM3,000 or above


Note that to be an affiliate, you need to first

  1. Register as a member
  2. Fill in the Affiliate Program form
  3. Receive your notification from Printcious
  4. Place Printcious banners on your blog



If you’re not interested to display banners on your blog/website, Printcious also has commissions earning up to RM30 for Feedback and Review as a post on your blog, website or your social media. A Feedback constitutes of providing constructive comments or ideas to improve Printcious’ online shopping experience, whereas the Review is an opinion of Printcious’ products and designs.

What’s more to wait for? Go to the affiliate page now to join as an affiliate now! For questions and enquires, email


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