In a marketplace where a lot of designers are competing to sell their artworks, you might feel discouraged that your artwork could make a sale or not. Here’s a trick on how to be the top designer!

What do I mean by our top designer? It literally compares other designers in terms of ranking. The designer with the highest ranking will be placed in the front page of the Printcious Designer page. The higher your rank, the easier people sees your designs, the higher chance you have of making a sale.

One of the factors of influencing your rating is visits to your store and product page. So how do you get people to your page? Some attention!

You don’t need to know anything about marketing to attract attention. Post links to your product to your Social Media pages, such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram maybe even Whatsapp! Youtube too if you make videos! If you’re in social groups on Facebook, post it there too! The more people sees it, the more likely someone will buy it.


Take pictures with your designs! One of the most influential way to get someone to want something, is to have something. Again, post it on your Social Media accounts, and make sure to link back to your store!

If you’re a blogger with a strong following, then lucky you! Just talk about your design and add links to your store. I’m sure a fan would love to share something that you own.

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