So you’ve been going steady for a long while. You think to yourself, “This is it, this is the person I’m going to spend the rest of my life with.”

You go online, look for the nicest diamond ring to accompany the special question. You search for special things to be done on the day you pop the question and out comes, ‘Man Proposes with 99 iPhones’.

Oh man, you can’t afford a diamond ring AND 99 iPhones. Well you can but your wallet’s saying cannot. Plus who’s gonna use all the iPhones?

A next article pops up, ‘A Texas man recently proposed to his girlfriend by taking her on an airplane to view’. Well would you look at that, more rich kids proposing in the richest way possible.

Now’s probably the time to give up on that surprise event when you say those four magical words. Because magical things equal to magical money that you don’t really have.

But hold on! Hold up! Hold the phone! There are cheaper alternatives with just as strong an impact, mate. Want to know what that is?

Customised gifts! That’s right, gifts that are specially made for the receiver. iPhones can’t be custom made for her and neither can airplane views.

Great! You’re back to the drawing board with the diamond ring. What sort of customised gifts should you get? And how will you arrange the gifts to surprise her?

Here are our suggestions made in simple but elegant images 😉

1. Cushion Proposal


Get cushions with the words printed on them then place them on your living room couch. Hide and wait behind the couch before she comes home to see her reaction towards your proposal. Can also work with car seats and bed. Just arrange the cushions where she can see them in an instant! Get your cushions here.

2. Phone Case Proposal


Here’s how it should go; bring four friends and make them change their phonecases with these words printed on them. Go out on a dinner with all six of you, just a normal hangout session. Then when you’re ready to pop the question, your friends will then pretend to text someone on their phones while lifting their phones up high for her to see. Voila! Time to buy phonecases here!

3. Jigsaw Puzzle Proposal


Now this is something that you can both do together while at home on the weekends. Grab some snacks and drinks, clear the table from everything and lounge around casually to piece the puzzle together. Once you’re both done, she can see the secret message intended for her. Not only do you bond closer while proposing, it is a nice and gentle surprise. Intrigued? Get your puzzles here!

Hurry and propose to your girlfriend and make her cry tears of joy with gifts from!