In last week’s relationship-themed blog post, we covered the topic of ‘How to Know if Someone Likes You’. For this post, we’ll be talking about something of complete contrast which is the friend zone or to be more exact the signs that show whether you’re being friend-zoned by a crush or potential beau.

Now, before we move on to those telltale signs, what is friend-zone exactly? It occurs when the person you like and hope to have as a girlfriend, boyfriend or partner only regards and treats you as a friend and nothing more. So, if your crush exhibits any of the behaviours listed below, then bad news for you bud.

1. No Special Treatment

They treat you the same as everyone else, no better no less. If this happens to you, heed it as a warning that your affection for them (should you decide to tell them) might not be reciprocated in the same way or as the way you hope for it to be.

2. Disregard Romantic Advances

When you do something thoughtful for him or her that borderlines on being sweet to a partner, they’ll disregard that notion altogether and take it as you being a good friend instead of a prospective partner. They might even playfully joke about it so that it doesn’t become too serious between the two of you.

3. Third Wheel or More Present

You ask them out hoping to spend time with just them but they end up asking your friends to join the outing. Best case scenario, they might be nervous going out alone with you but worst-case scenario, they don’t want to be alone with you.

4. Rarely Have Time for You

When you ask them out like in the above and they agree but bring friends then count yourself lucky. Well, luckier than if you were to ask them out but they refused due to various excuses such as got errands to run, going out with someone else, got other plans, etc.

5. Try to Set You Up with Others

If they try to set you up with their friend, acquaintance, coworker, or whoever it is that they think would be a perfect match for you then it doesn’t bode well for your hopeful relationship with them.

There are many other signs that point to the fact you’re being friend-zoned by someone you like but for now, these 5 are more than enough (we’ve got to soften the blow somehow). And although we said that you might not have a chance with them (romantically) should they exhibit any of the listed behaviours, at least you gave your best shot.

But if you haven’t done so yet and so far only did the bare minimum, start today by gifting them with a thoughtful gift for him or a sweet gift for her. Who knows, you might just turn the tides in your favour.