The most awaited event of the year, well, for most of your employees at least is fast approaching. It’s that time of year again where you celebrate your employees’ contributions through a well-organised annual dinner. Have you rented out a place for it or will it be in the company’s event hall? If you opt to save money, just hold it in the company building. That way, you can splurge on other necessary items such as good food, exciting entertainment, and awesome annual dinner gifts.

1. Food

Speaking of food, what have you chosen? Will it be Asian or Western fare? Don’t just make the decision based on your own personal taste as you also have to include your employees’ opinions. To get a better understanding of your employees’ taste in food, you can conduct a small survey. Even though we say survey, it’s not like we’re telling you to print out questionnaires and distribute them to the whole company. Of course, you can choose to do that but that would be going a bit overboard. But hey, it’s your choice. Now, going back to the method of conducting the survey, it can be as simple as having your head of departments (HODs) ask their employees what type of food they enjoy and from there you can gauge what type of food is preferred by the majority. Simple, isn’t it.

2. Entertainment

Since we’ve covered food, let’s move on to the type of entertainment you’ll be providing at the annual dinner. You can’t expect it to be a solemn affair with no entertainment at all now, can you? Your employees will be bored stiff and that will certainly impact their enjoyment of the evening. For the entertainment aspect of the dinner, it doesn’t need to be as complicated as hiring singers or magicians to perform. Though, if you have the budget to do so, by all means, go ahead. To make the evening a fun occasion for all, something as basic as a karaoke machine will do. Or, you can even orchestrate a simple competition such as a drawing relay. Find more interesting entertainment ideas by searching for it online.

3. Door Gifts

Last but not least, let’s talk about gifts. To be exact, door gifts for annual dinners. As you’ll need to get gifts for all of your employees in addition to paying for food, entertainment and perhaps even location, we know that you’ll want to find affordable door gift ideas. If that’s what you’re searching for then Printcious is where you want to be. Our unique custom-made gifts and creative custom-printed gifts will present you with best door gifts for your company’s annual dinner at budget-friendly prices. Come shop with us today!