So you could go out and drive to the nearest gift shop to find some novel gifts (which isn’t all that rare or one in a million product, let’s be honest) for the men in your life. Dragging your feet along the throngs of people trying to get their own gifts, you finally see one shop that holds potential.


Maybe it’s the signboard, maybe it’s the display glass or maybe it’s just the décor of the shop that pulls you inside. You look around, left and right, unsure of where you should start the journey from. Turning to one side, your eyes roam over the many stacks of gifts displayed over rows of shelves.


Everything holds the same potential to be the one perfect gift but none of them manages to capture your attention yet. If they can’t grab your attention, they’re definitely not worth it but you persevere in your selection method.


Your steps halt in front of one shelf, thinking you saw some glimmering item from the corner of your eyes coming from this particular section. You’ll pick one up, slide your fingers along the surface then put it back onto the display rack.

Pick another, turn the gift 360 degrees then slide it back onto the display section. Without realizing it, you’ve wasted at least an hour just wondering what to get without actually getting anything because nothing’s good enough for the best men in your life.


Suddenly the endless rows of gifts don’t look too promising anymore. Nothing’s personal, nothing’s going to give that loving impact. A sigh leaves your lips before you step out of the shop, hands empty. You have come so far but the gifts still can’t tug at your heartstrings.


Frustration sets in as you make your way home, driving through the crazy traffic and almost banging into inconsiderate drivers. That’s it, you scream to yourself, that’s the last time I ever try to find a gift for anyone! But wait! Don’t lose hope yet as there may be an answer to this gift hunting frenzy.


Finding the perfect birthday gift for the special man can be tough and tricky, especially when you’re trying to stick to a budget and still put a smile on his face for a long time. You need to find a gift that fits your budget, but also feels personal and thoughtful.

Whether you’re shopping for a best friend, family member, or significant other, we’ve rounded up a bunch of great inexpensive gift ideas for men. These gifts are cheap and costs not much more than your average shopping list, but they are also thoughtful, useful, and surprising.


Whether he’s passionate about sports, outdoor living, photography, or fashion, there’s something on this list that will appeal to him. Who said inexpensive gifts have to feel cheap? Don’t give up and find something perfect on our list of inexpensive gifts for him.


Read on to find a personalised and unique gift for your dad, brother, partner, or best friend at cheap deals! Best part is? You don’t even have to go out of the comfort of your bedroom for these gifts.

1. For the Heavy Coffee & Tea Drinker
Is there such a thing as morning coffee or evening tea for the men who are always holding onto a mug every time you see them? Coffee and tea supplies should be available and ready 24/7 for whenever they need to pour a cuppa and what better way than to gift them with the mug that they use to drink from every day?


But wait! Don’t just give them any sort of mug you can find on store shelves. Pretty mugs can be found anywhere but how will you show that the mug you bought is unique and special only for them? That’s where personalised mugs come in.


You may think that personalised and custom made items will be expensive but Printcious’s personalised mugs are definitely not the type of gifts you have to fork out a hefty sum of money for. With extremely reasonable price for 100% personalised mugs, there’s no other gift that could fit in the hands of the heavy drinker. Interested in buying one but not sure how to decorate the mugs yourself?

Browse through thousands of free designs online from Printcious and you will only need to upload pictures and write your wishes, the rest is already done for you. Click the mug below to start customising your gift!


2. Comfort & Care Pack
There’s no such thing as men having to be rough and tough 24/7. Once in a while, the men in your life want to be pampered and loved on their special days. So why not give them the love and adoration they deserve during the times that they need it?

This year, gift them their own personal cushion that they can use. Not the generic sleeping cushion with swirlies and cartoon faces or cushions with boring abstract designs but instead a cushion decorated with what he loves the most.


You know what he loves the most so decorating the cushion should be a piece of cake task. If your man loves his football team, get him the football club crest printed large and wide onto his personal cushion. Let him show his pride whenever there’s a football night at home and he needs to stay up to cheer on the winning team.

Even if you can’t accompany him physically, he’ll know you care with the custom made cushion. P/s: pack the cushion together with packets of snacks too for an awesome comfort & care pack! Click the cushion below to start making your gift.


3. Walking Down the Romantic Memory Lane
Nothing says the need for personal touch the most like a wedding anniversary. It’s the time of the year where love is the main celebration and love needs to be conveyed in sincerity yet still pack all those fun and surprising elements.

It’s a challenge of making this year better than the last. It’s a promise of better things to come in the future of your lives together. Anniversaries are a time to remember the good times and how far you’ve come along as one single entity from the day you recited your vow.


What better way to remind yourselves of the happy times than to go through them again one by one? Gather lovely pictures of important days and get them printed on puzzle pieces. Spend a nice weekend together piecing the puzzle back for a loving surprise when it’s done.


Organize pictures of your journey together from the day you met to the day you’re together in an official tie bound by love and mutual respect for each other. Piecing the puzzle pieces together is sure to bring a small nostalgic tear to your eye. Click the puzzle below to start making your own.


Giving with art is giving with heart and when gifted from the heart, relationships grow stronger as hearts grow fonder. When all other gift shops look the same and feel just as bland, look towards Printcious as we create your gifts with love from the first step of the way.


Personalised gifts are trending as the type of present people love to receive. Not only do you create your one of a kind gifts to how you imagine it to be, it also shows your sincerity for your loved ones. We believe in making a bomb impression whenever someone receives our gifts and with our cutting edge technology, you too can create a huge impact and lasting impression towards the receiver.


Be it for a romantic occasion such as a Valentine’s Day celebration, official company function or just gift giving between two buddies, Printcious strive to deliver love and happiness in one small pack that contains a big punch. Think gift giving, think Printcious! Don’t forget to visit for more gift giving inspiration.

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