Kucing Fantastic Cup!

Cat + coffee = contentment.

It’s time to kick back and relax with a cup of good ol’ java. Whether you’re a serial drinker or a casual sipper, today is the day to let loose and smell the Arabica in the air.

Mmmm, sweet sweet caffeine.

Mmmm, sweet sweet caffeine.

October 1st marks the date for coffee lovers around the world and global coffee establishments are celebrating the day in their own ways.

We are celebrating in our own way too; by learning all sorts of coffee lingo. Come share the knowledge so you know what to order the next time you go coffee cupping. Are you ready?

Man, this double shot single estate ristretto really hit the spot.

After this cup of coffee, I’ll be ready to face the world.

Let’s start with the coffee drinks so you know what you’re getting on the table when you blurt out all those fancy words at the café.

Affogato is Italian for ‘drowned’ and is typically an espresso drink with a scoop of vanilla ice cream inside. Usually offered to beat the summer heat in the European hemisphere, this would be perfect for a hot day in our country.

Americano is a style of coffee prepared by having espresso diluted with hot water. It gives the same amount of caffeine kick but tastes different compared to regular drip coffee.

Cat coffee, anyone?

If it fits, I sits.

Cappucino is one-thirds of espresso, milk and soft microfoam free-poured into the cup. Sometimes topped with cinnamon or chocolate powder to give it a little mix but usually forwent for the people who prefers purity.

Latte is a little portion of espresso and whole lot of steamed milk with a thin cap of foam on top. Some of us prefer the flavoured ones like vanilla latte or hazelnut latte. Whichever flavour you prefer, don’t forget to wipe the milk moustache off your lips.

Macchiato is Italian for ‘to stain’ and the coffee style is to have a shot of espresso stained with a spoon of frothed milk. May have the same consistency as cappucino but definitely stronger and more aromatic.

Cat with sippy cup!

Learning about coffee while drinking coffee,

Moving on to the types of coffee itself, this is the part where you can sound like you came straight from the high society the next time you go out with your friends to a café. Impress your peers and date with your profound knowledge of the coffee world.

Arabica is a type of coffee named so by the first coffee nation which is the Arabs. Mainly used for making espresso based drinks, good coffee shops will not miss out on stocking up these gourmet beans. More than three-quarters of the beans that are sold in the world today is Arabica.

Robusta are of lower grade than Arabica and are typically grown at lower elevations. Containing higher amount of caffeine, Robusta has a more astringent flavour.

Blend is exactly what the name suggests; a blend of several coffees that come from different regions. Sometimes you could be tasting up to 9 different types of coffee in just one cup.


Don’t shy away from a world full of different coffee beans!

Now that we’re done with our coffee appreciation lesson, go out there and explore the many coffee drinks available. Expand your horizon and don’t forget to bring a companion along for coffee cuppings.

We’re bringing our little kitty mug for a coffee adventure 😉

Cup cat!

Gotta get that purrfect blend!