yuz-3Cute or realistic? We can’t make up our mind!

The one thing we can’t help but to notice is how cute Yuz’ki’s designs are when we first saw her designer store. Don’t be surprised however that she can go further than just capturing cute critters in her designs. That’s why we’re excited to bring you this week’s featured designer, Yuz’ki!

1. First thing first, what lured you into picking up the pen/pencil/brush/charcoal for the first time?
Can’t remember for sure but pretending to pay attention in class was the trigger I guess. Started out with pencil as a kid, doodled teachers’ expressions in notebook whenever they were not looking (still doing that now). Then it ‘progressed’ into pen in high school, stuck with it since, also started digitally around that time with the default Paint tool (pure nightmare). Only began with watercolor and acrylic during college years.

yuz-2Works in progress before they become masterpieces

2. What keeps your creativity tank full and ready to go each time you create something new?
It’s never full for me. Sometimes you would get ideas in strings of words but never with clear images. Had to force myself to sit down and churn out random doodles before Muse (who usually take eons to be ready with her message) finally decide to pay a visit.

3. What are your tools of trade and would you recommend them to fellow artists?
Paint Tool SAI combined with Wacom Intuos, definitely. No preference for other tools though, randomly grabs a pen off the table for doodles most of the time.

4. What is the most memorable place you’ve found inspiration for your next artwork at and do you frequently go there for more ideas?
Not a specific place but travelling in cars/trains helped to sort thoughts out. And swimming pools! Soak for hour or two each time. Never fails to clear art blocks for me. Our university’s was the best but can’t go back anymore, sadly…#huntingfornewpooltohaunt

yuz-1Interested in getting Yuz’ki’s most sentimental piece ‘Guardian Angel’ for yourself? Visit her shop here.

5. Out of all the artworks that you have produced thus far, would you happen to have a favorite amongst them that you consider to be your baby?
The Guardian Angel piece done in 2013. Not the best aesthetically but it’s hard not to be bias with something of sentimental value. Had it framed, still sitting on my work table to this day.

6. What are your thoughts on Printcious? Feel free to comment on before and after joining us.
No regrets. Big thanks to Sara for the recommendation! Absolutely adore the variety of products offered, bonus that we were given the freedom to choose which product to make and the rest will be handled.  It’s hard for freelancer like us to make merchandises for ACG events, with the bulk order requirement and all. But with Printcious, problem’s solved.

7. Do you find yourself able to benefit from Printcious’ Designer Program and would you recommend it to other artists out there that are still finding a Malaysian platform to sell their artworks?
Duh! Already in the process of brainwashing friends lol. I mean, we love to draw but we need to pay our rents too and marketing’s a tedious chore. So when Printcious deals with the latter and we just have to continue doing what we love—why not?

yuz-4 Get ‘Forest Nymph’ by Yuz’ki here.

8. Printcious is now international! What do you feel about the possibilities of your artworks travelling the world?
It would definitely be a dreams come true to see the fluffy kiddos travel to other countries. Wherever Printcious goes, we go! Lol.

9. Lastly, we’re letting you promote your designer store in your own words. No word limits, go for it!
If you love fluffy fellows (and not so fluffy ones), do visit us^^)/
We will be expanding into new areas other than the existing Cats and Relationship ones, with new characters that come with their own set of nonsensical stories!
P.s: If you would like to have your portrait drawn (semi-realistic or cartoonish) and made into a product in our store, do drop us a message here!
Please continue to watch over us!

Thank you for joining our Q&A session, Yuz’ki! We wish you further growth and success in future endeavours.

Have anyone in your mind that you wish to know more about? Drop an email at ask@printcious.com with your requested designer and we’ll try our best to dish out the info.