1. Why Owls?
I’ve been a birdwatcher since 12. No special affinity to owls but I like them because they are cute. I doodle owls because of my moniker Owlvin given to me by my cousin, and I doodled owls that then became popular with friends who then kept on demanding that I draw more. So it now looks like I’ve got an obsession with owl. It’s not that case, really.

2. Why do you love doodling?
It’s much easier. Saves time. More portable. I can do it anywhere anytime.


3.What came first? Doodling or the owls?

4. Do you draw mostly in the office?
Mostly at home and at office, or while outside and waiting for someone or something.


5. What are your tools of trade?
Notebook. Pens. I like brushpens – black and grey for shading, as basics.

6. Do you intend to one day be a professional artist?
I don’t think so. I haven’t got the discipline for it.

7. What’s your thoughts about Printcious.com ?
Great idea and I hope it takes off regionally. Some improvements needed but teething problems are always there.

8. How do you think the Printcious Designer marketplace will benefit local artists?
I think it can help local artists be more visible. A great platform to promote artworks and get a following. But the artists have be more vocal themselves and get support.