1. Could you elaborate about yourself? For example what you do for a living or as an artist.
Currently an art instructor as I train adults to be art teachers and to manage their own art centre for a particular brand (art centre). I’ve been in the teaching field (art) for almost 11 years now, I do teach kids as well, which I had a freelance brand on Facebook call “Little Fren Art”. I sew and paint and my brand is named “Little Fren”, you can find my links on Facebook and Instagram under the name “Little Fren Crafts”. My brand/ art and crafts are all base on Owls! as I have a deep addiction and love for owls 

2. Why did you choose to do you do what you do?
Since young I love art and never thought of doing anything but art, I’m lucky that my dad supported what I do best. And my art and crafts shows who I truly am. Hoping one day to take that next step to purely focus on my art and crafts “Little Fren”


3. Who is your favourite artist and why?
Audrey Kawasaki! Her work is so beautiful and haunting at the same time! And Higuchi Yuko, as I love how she uses outlines to draw such beautiful realistic animals and humans. Both artist’s art has similar styles in a way as they both love to paint/draw art in a more fantasy form and feel.

4. What inspired you to work in the creative field?
My grandma, my mum and relatives are all gifted with the talent of art and music, is in our blood  is just our passion to do art and crafts, my mind is always thinking of new things to sew, new things to create and paint! Learning new techniques along the way and never thought of anything else but going into these field since I was a kid!



5. If you could choose any job in the art field, what would it be?
To focus my own brand “Little Fren” and see how far it can go!

6. What advice would you give someone that wants to start their career in the creative field?
It ain’t easy, deadlines, rejections, disapproval etc etc , u really need a thick skin to face this harsh industry, if u think u can’t handle all this at the above, better not step into this industry, but if u can suck it up and believe in yourself and work hard enough, u are one tough cookie!  “Believe in yourself” in the true key to success for any field and “never give up” don’t be afraid to challenge yourself and explore new techniques to help improve and enhance your talents. Most important is to be brave in excepting and facing rejection and disapproval, it’s just part of the process on improving one self 

7. What career advice would you give someone that loves art but isn’t talented?
“Nothing comes easy”! Suck it up and practice practice practice till ur hands bleed! Kidding* But really nothing comes easy, especially in Malaysia as the art and craft industry is not as wide vibrant as other countries as other countries have such a wide range of choices for art. But then again I do see some Malaysian that made it out of Malaysia, “hard work always pays off”! So remember to push your limits and even more to reach your target in this field!


8. What do you feel about having your artworks being printed on giftable merchandise?
Sounds awesome! Will be an honour if one day it happens

9. What do you think about PAC and its impact to the artist in Malaysia?
Is a good platform for youngster to truly show their ability and talents to the nation, positive and healthy event

10. Do you have any advice to the PAC participants?
Do not hesitate, go all the way to do your very best! Know no boundaries !