1. Could you elaborate about yourself? For example what you do for a living or as an artist.
I am Kendrick Ng Tiong Heng, a Sino-Kadazan from Sabah, Borneo. I came from a small town of Sipitang at the west coast of Sabah, Malaysia. I am a self-taught doodler and comic artist and the founder and author of #kendylife. Since young, I love to walk with a sketching pen inside my bag and everywhere I go, I doodle. I have an extensive profile at kendylife.com which ranges from photography to Digital Marketing. I am currently the Chief Creative Strategist & managing partner at Social Grooves.com. I have won several awards for my works including the International property awards in APAC region – website design, Social Media Excellence Award – Property Industry 2014, DIGI WWWOW IFA Awards 2014 Top 10 Finalists – Content Category and have provided workshops and speeches in different states and countries including Australia , Singapore and many other places.

2. Why did you choose to do you do what you do?
I choose this field because I love and really enjoy it. In the beginning, I only helped my friends to solve web design problems. It all began from Friendster layouts, then slowly I decided to design wallpapers and doodle for my friends and finally an active web comic blogger which I started to create comics. It’s been 11 years since I’ve been in this field and I am proud to be able to be well known internationally.

3. What do you feel about having your artworks being printed on giftable merchandise?
Sharing your works to the people you love is what I believe. So the feeling when your works being printed on giftable merchandise is priceless. I am very happy and thrilled when my works is given to someone they love.

4. What do you think about the Printcious Art Contest (PAC) and its impact to the artist in Malaysia?
It is such an honour to be part of the panel judges for PAC – My goal is always to foster new talents and giving these designers and artists the opportunity to present their collection and creativity and PAC is a great platform and will definitely impact to the artists in Malaysia. I hope to provide all aspiring young artists and designers across Malaysia and maybe ASEAN with the platform to empower and catapult their careers in the creative industry. I look forward to see new talents this year and I am proud to be part of their journey.


5. Do you have any advice to the PAC participants?
There is so much talent in this region, and I really hope that we can be the center creativity hub not only for Malaysia but for the regional country as well! There is no good or bad art, because once you have completed your masterpiece, that’s the satisfaction and glory! Try your very best in achieving your goals and I wish you all the best in participating this contest!

6. What inspired you to work in the creative field?
I love making people smile and I notice the more I doodle/design, people will smile. I am in fact proud to be able to work in the creative field and give back to the society and community.

7. If you could choose any job in the art field, what would it be?
When I was 7, my dream was to became a manga artist or an art director. As of today, being the founder of my very own brand and to be a managing partner in one of the prestigious, creative agency is one of my proud achievements.


8. What career advice would you give someone that loves art but isn’t talented?
I believe that everyone is talented, may it be in creative field or not. So my advice is if you love the things we create, do support us and share it among your friends and family. It really helps the society.

9. What advice would you give someone that wants to start their career in the creative field?
This is a very interesting field and all you need is creativity and passion. The society today is moving really fast, especially with the introduction of social media. My advice is work with passion, never give up and don’t begin anything with the intention of earning.

10. Who is your favourite artist and why?
One of my favourite illustrators is Kerby Rosanes, from the Philippines, who is passionate in his works! I also love the illustrations of Gavin Aung Than (Australia), Andrew (HJ-Story) one of our local artists Hong Yi and the beautiful comics of CheeMing Boey.