1. How did you get into drawing?
I started to teach myself how to draw 3 years ago when I wanted to draw for people who were depressed, suicidal, living far from their family, and terminally ill children and their families. I started a Facebook page called STICK IT TO ME, where I gave free “healing” art to the above population. The name of the group came about because I only knew how to draw stick figures when I first started.

2. Are you a full time artist?
No, I am not a full time artist, I work with women and children in domestic violence situation, raped victims, sexually abused children and people with emotional problems, and terminally ill individuals and their families. I also teach social media to senior citizens. I am also an author of two self help books called “Oh I Thought I Was The Only One 1 & 2”. One for adults and the other for kids, teaching them how to deal with daily life stressors. Carried and distributed by MPH to bookstores all over Malaysia and Singapore.


3. Tell us more about your artworks.
My art has been described by others as “healing” it touches the heart and heals it, brings smiles to others. It is not about technique as I obviously am not a qualified artist with any formal art background, but rather how my art makes people feel.

4. What are your tools of trade?
My pencil, pen, watercolors, charcoal and my Sketchbook App.


5. What’s the best thing about being a full time/part time artist?
Best thing about being an artist is making people smile with my art, comforting them. Sending smiles to PPUM and PPUKM cancer kids, sending smiles to orphanages, to families who are going through a rough time because of illness. Raising funds to help flood victims in the East Coast, build wells in Vietnam, Ziarah Ehsan to a lady who suffered a stroke and her daughter. Making residents in Bukit Harapan home and Rumah WargaTua in KK happy. This year alone we have expanded and reached out to HIV families, foreign workers, individuals who underappreciated such as your garbage collector or your cleaning lady.

6. In your opinion, do you think social media is detrimental in the success of upcoming artists?
I cannot comment in general, but basically for myself, social media is crucial and being active online is what made me draw in the first place, online was when hospitals in Australia approached me for healing artwork, people from around the world, hospices contact me for art, when people need artwork to raise funds for treatments. Online is where we gather “prayers” and send healing thoughts through our artwork. Online is where I found my team of “healing” artists. Initially I fulfil all requests that came in, as time goes by more and more requests came in from around the world, so I found like-minded artist who donate their artwork to send positive thoughts and smiles to families and individuals who need it. Online was also where DIGI found my artwork and nominated me for their Social Movement AWARD last year, which we won. I was also the official Illustrator for TEDxWeldQuay in 2013.


7. Was your family and friends supportive of your direction towards art??
My family and friends had no idea, I had never been able to draw, their response to me as an artist was “Huh? You can draw?”

8. What’s your thoughts about Printcious.com?
I am very new at Printcious so I have no experience ordering products and services, HOWEVER, I have fans who have bought and they gave great reviews. Initially there were some hiccups with the order but it was efficiently and quickly dealt with. Very responsive staff.

9. How do you think the Printcious Designer Program will benefit local artists?
This is a great initiative to help local artists, all my artwork is US based, I have always sold through platforms like Zazzle, so to have something local is great, now my friends  in Malaysia can order my art too!!