1. How did you get into drawing?
I draw my first piece of drawing during kindergarten, and there’s when I start to really feel and learn how to draw in a way I could best.

2. What or who inspires you to draw?
My mum.


3. I noticed a girl with red hair in your drawings, who is she? Or rather, why a girl with red hair?
The girl in red hair – named “Liselle”. She is my creation during my studies in London. Liselle is now an official art brand that works with many different platforms and clientele for licensing businesses. Red hair is more like a characteristic given to Liselle as red represents confidence and elegance. And in a way carry a universal character.

4. Are you a full time illustrator? If not, what is your full time job?
Yes, I am full time illustrator purely focusing on Liselle.


5. Are you involved in the local art scene? For example art expos or art groups.
Yes , we participate in most local art events, as speaker or guest.

6. What are your favourite art mediums?
Mixed media (sketches , digital and traditional medium in combination).

7. Printcious.com just released its Designer Program where artists earn royalty through their artwork. How do you think this will impact the local artists?
It’s definitely a great platform where designers able to explore and applied on especially for many young creative entrepreneurs to penetrate in the market. It will also bring great values in how the end consumers perceive a creative design engagement.

8. What advice would you give to artists that are interested in joining the Designer Program?
If there’s great design or artwork, be enthusiastic be alive!