I love listening to the stories of my mother’s past, especially when she was a child. My favourite story was about the “garden” she had behind her house. Not so much of a house rather a longhouse, and not so much of a garden rather a part of the jungle.

It was a special place where I would go to and no one could find me. If I’m ever upset I would just lie under this huge leafy plant and cry myself to sleep… and when I wake up I’ll feel okay”.

Since then I’ve always believed there’s something very therapeutic about flowers. As corny as it sounds, beautifully arranged flowers does brighten up my day.

But who has the time to go out, look for flowers and then arranging them (and if you’re anything like me, you’d probably massacre the living bloom out of the flowers anyway!).


What if I told you that you could have freshly plucked luxurious flowers delivered to your doorstep every week? Because that’s exactly what Bloomthis.co does. They are a fresh flower delivery service that caters to consumers like you and me as well as businesses.

There are two options of service when you’re at their website. You could opt for “on-demand blooms” which means flowers available to be bought and sent and “weekly bloomsflower subscription.


You could choose to have your flower subscription on a regular weekly or biweekly in a month. If you subscribe to weekly blooms from up to a month (at RM75/box) to 6 months (RM59/box). But regardless of weekly or on-demand, delivery is always free.


Speaking of delivery, they usually delivery every Thursday but there’s a small chance of receiving your flowers the day after purchase. It is recommended that if you’re not going to be home to receive your flowers, you fill in your working address instead. As of now Bloomthis only deliver flower to Kuala Lumpur, Selangor and Penang.

If you’re wondering when would you ever need a service that delivers flower, how about anniversaries or graduations? In fact, deliver a bouquet to her office today as a surprise gift for her.


If you’re still not convinced, maybe their Instagram will give you a nudge off that fence.