If you haven’t scrolled through the KittyKat series on her store Imm.Possible Art, you haven’t truly become a cat lady/man. Let us introduce you to the world of the ever positive artist Ang Lai Imm!

1. First thing first, what lured you into picking up the pen/pencil/brush/charcoal for the first time?
As a toddler, there was nothing more tempting than empty white walls and not-so-empty book pages waiting to be filled with ‘art’, much to my parents’ chagrin. I started picking up drawing seriously when I first watched my mother sketch a girl (I can still remember vividly – it was a princess in a pink dress). My little sister and I would secretly wake up around 4am consecutively every morning in an attempt to replicate what my mother drew. We were about 4-5 years old that time.

2. What keeps your creativity tank full and ready to go each time you create something new?
My state of mind and a lot of intuition. Creativity is usually at its peak when I’m experiencing a strong surge of emotions, be it good or bad. Once an idea pops up, the wheels in my head will churn non-stop with excitement. It would also mean, I won’t be able to sleep or eat properly until I get it off my mind and onto paper. I also like to start with a blank paper and let my hand feel its way into randomness and then build on the idea. My KittyKat series started while planning for my wedding, where inspiration was driven by my bridezilla mode.

imm-2Get the KittyKat series here!

3. What are your tools of trade and would you recommend them to fellow artists?
Pencils, pens, sharpie and paper or any empty surface. For editing, I use MS Paint (yes, I’m that primal) and recently I’ve discovered GIMP (still learning the ropes). Not forgetting, a phone camera. I would recommend Gimp to anyone who wants an alternative to Adobe Photoshop.


4. What is the most memorable place you’ve found inspiration for your next artwork at and do you frequently go there for more ideas?
It used to be in a classroom or lecture hall, while listening to my lessons. I would take notes and doodle at the same time. My entire text book and notebook would be full of doodles and drawings – my parents were never sure if I ever paid attention in class.


Today, it is my bedroom. It’s quiet, private and conducive enough to let my imagination run free. Add on some lagu jiwang in the background – BOOM – ideas galore!

5. Out of all the artworks that you have produced thus far, would you happen to have a favorite amongst them that you consider to be your baby?
I have a few favourites from different categories. One of them is a water colour piece done in 2004 called Mother Nature. It was one of my first satisfactory attempt to paint a human face with nature as a backdrop. When it comes to water colours, I usually stay away from having to paint humans. It is, till today, a breakthrough for me after completing the piece, hence, it carries a sentimental value.

imm-3Get this artwork, Mother Nature, here!

6. What are your thoughts on Printcious? Feel free to comment on before and after joining us.
Before, I could only toy around my childhood dream of becoming an artist/designer commercially. With Printcious, I’m able to focus on creating art, knowing very well the production and delivery are managed behind the scenes. Most importantly, this platform allows me to make a difference in my pursuit of giving back to society.

7. Do you find yourself able to benefit from Printcious’ Designer Program and would you recommend it to other artists out there that are still finding a Malaysian platform to sell their artworks?
A resounding YES. It would be even more awesome if Printcious allowed customers to look for a specific artist through the platform.

8. Printcious is now international! What do you feel about the possibilities of your artworks travelling the world?
I’m excited of course! Art should transcend geographical barriers. It would be wonderful to share my work with the world, while making a difference to society.

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9. Lastly, we’re letting you promote your designer store in your own words. No word limits, go for it!
Imm.Possible Art is a play of words between my name and the infinite possibilities that art provides. Nothing is impossible. Everything is possible. I’m possible. Art has always been a part of my life to the point I took it for granted. I used to draw and discard, just because I never found any use for them, which was such a shame!

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However, 2 years back something struck a chord: Why not put my passion towards a good cause? We should appreciate and improve the skills we have to contribute towards a better society. That’s art from the heart! This has driven me to start documenting and completing my art pieces with much more passion and vigour. A portion of royalty from my artwork proceeds will go towards charity – be it an animal shelter, retirement home and/or orphanage.

If you like my designs, do support your local budding artist. Let’s colour the world with art and loving kindness. Come interact with me on Facebook and Instagram.

10. Thank you very much for participating in this Q&A session. We wish you further growth & success in the near future!
Thank you for the interview. Let’s grow together!

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We couldn’t help but to be charmed by her graceful nature throughout the interview. Make sure to visit Imm.Possible Art to be amazed by the colourful artwork of Ang Lai Imm today!