An honest voice speaks louder than a crowd.

Printcious has always in support of rising bloggers in Malaysia. However, when we have a chance to connect with a certain blogger whose blog beguiled our minds with its raw and honest reviews.

We have decided that this blog is going to be different.

And it is a good difference.

It is a breath of fresh air. is not your average Joe’s blog, it is a blog that centers on lifestyle, gadget, food and our personal favourite, travel.

Who is Tekkaus

About Me-The Author

You love the blog, so you gotta love the person behind it.

Hailed from Malacca, Christopher, the founder of captures the true essence of Malaccan born in his writing. Started as a hobby back in 2007, he began his blogging passion initially for the fun of it. Come one day, he decided to turn his hobby into a part-time profession.

And we love him for it.

What’s to love?

Where else can you get a pure, honest and unsolicited reviews for the things that you love? From the latest and sensational gadgets for you to check out up to the food reviews to satisfy your quench, stands in a class of its own providing you with endless reviews written right from the heart of a true Malaccan blogger.

Any footwear fan in the house?
Because we have to tell you this, Christopher knows one of two things about footwear and his reviews are far from disappointment. They are to die for!

Crowned one of the 25 Malaysia Lifestyle blogs, we can expect the best and more to come from
We think that we’ve said enough, and you, readers need to check out today.

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