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Doing things last minute sometimes isn’t the best. In other words, procrastination is rarely rewarded, but guess what! I’ve put together the best gift guide for all you last minute buyers. In case you haven’t gotten a gift for your mom, wife, grandmother or mother-in-law, quell your anxieties right now because I believe even if you still find yourself shopping on Saturday, you’ll be able to get some of these gifts easily. (But please, don’t wait until the eleventh-hour okay.)

NYX Cosmetics Jumbo Lip Pencil
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These babies are called jumbo for a reason. They pack a lot of pigment and applies like butter which I believe your mom will be sure to appreciate. They can be bought from any Sephora store near you.

Uniqlo’s Room Shoes
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These cosy slippers will be very, very good for Mom’s feet. They’re breathable and so soft and best of all…they come in a myriad of designs!

Secret Garden Colouring Book
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With every page, you mom will find herself tumbling down the rabbit hole in a black and white wonderland. Arguably the book responsible for launching the adult colouring craze, Secret Garden offers a fun, easy and creative way to blow off some steam.

Lullabies by Lang Leav

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More than just a coffee table book, Lullabies is a collection of powerful and moving prose which explores femininity in the context of love, loss, survival and sweetness — moments that every woman can relate her own experiences to.


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If you’ve been watching the trends, you’ll definitely recognize this next brand. LUSH‘s bath products are divine and a treat of the senses, great for pampering and to be enjoyed in absolute peace and quiet.

Picnic with homemade food

A weekend spent at the beach might be just what you mother needs to unwind with her family. If she’s not fond of the sand, then try the Lake Gardens in Kuala Lumpur. There are some pretty sweet spots there she’ll be sure to love.

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