Just uploading and printing your picture could be boring nowadays. You need to add effects and filters to make the picture stand out. However, adding effects through other editing tools can take too long and you end up getting frustrated at how long it takes to just generate a nice picture.

Which is why today we’re introducing to you an app that will change your selfie game! Say hello to Prisma, available on both Google Play and App Store. Completely free and easy to use, this is why we love this app to edit our picture for our gifts.

Curious yet about Prisma and how it works? Let’s take this beautiful lady here as our test subject.

prisma-1Let’s call her Jane.

Step 1. Choose Your Photo

As mentioned above, we’re choosing Jane as our main image provider. Because the Prisma app is focused to be on mobile devices only, make sure to have your picture ready in your device before you start the app.

Step 2. Crop Your Photo

You will have the option to crop and rotate your image according to your preference. This is the part where you chop off all those unflattering sides and focus on just what you want your print out result to contain.


Step 3. Choose a Filter for Your Photo

We’re choosing the Dallas filter for our Jane. You will have the option of choosing a filter from more than 10 provided in the app. Do you see yet why we love this editing app? So many choices!


Step 4. Wait for the Magic to Happen

In the span of a few seconds, you will see this fancy loading screen. Your image is being generated!


Step 5. Confirm Your Photo

Are you satisfied with the filter you chose? Or do you think there are other filters out there that can do a better job to highlight your features? Choose away! So many filters to choose from until you find the perfect one for your photo.


Step 6. Save Your Photo

Done and ready to print out your photo on your gift? Save it!


Step 7. Your Photo is Done!


In just 7 simple steps, you too can create beautiful photos with the tips of your fingers. Now time to get it printed onto a canvas to hang in your house. Get your square canvas suitable for pictures generated by the Prisma app right here!