Printcious designer, Liselle, has just launched their brand of tea, Liselle Tea, and it was an event like no other. It’s refined for the palate and offers a variety of classic flavours along with infused tea flavours.

Image credit Liselle  (Lisa Lee, co-creator of Liselle, with the panel of speakers at Rare Art Koffee cafe during the launch)

Fine Days With Liselle Tea, the main highlight being the launch of Liselle Tea in Klang South, is to partner with different entrepreneurs from Klang in F&B, technology and manufacturers to ignite new sparks in the local art scene together with Liselle Tea.

Image credit Liselle

Not to mention that the Liselle Tea package was also self-designed by Liselle’s team. They’re vibrant and feminine with a touch of whimsy that anyone can appreciate.

Image credit Liselle

Some of the notable flavours of tea is their Rose Tea, Lychee with Black Tea and Blooming Scented Tea.

Printcious even joined in with the launching of Liselle Tea brand by providing merchandises.



Don’t forget to check out Liselle‘s designer store to find out more about their products and how you can personalise them for yourself and your loved ones!