Art is a fine representation of life. For some, it is a way of expressing one’s emotion, belief, state of life and simply, because it is FUN.

For the art makers, the joy that comes when making the art is beyond euphoric. Such joys that resonates when making this craft is one of the many reasons that propel them to continue doing so.

Although for some artists, they make art for the fun of it, however, they are also a few who consider of selling their arts.

In Printcious, we are honouring art in our own ways and we take pride in ourselves of being able to take part in any community and activities involving art. This has also sparked our interests of being able to provide a platform for these rising artists to produce and print their arts with our online design tools.

And with our design tools, it is truly an easy peasy for these artists to transform their art and creation into different forms and items which only available through Printcious.

In the light of recent event, Printcious has proudly sponsored an art drawing center for kids in Taman Eng Ann, Klang. Focussing on the children’s wonderful art creation, their arts had been transformed into gifts such as t-shirts, cushions and ceramic tiles.

The gifts make the highlight of the day as children will get to see how their drawings can be portrayed and printed on something meaningful in the form of a precious gift.

Check out the kids’ creation that surely brings a smile to anyone!

   Aren’t the drawings look wonderful? These kids surely have a hidden talent!

They look like professional artists!

When art and magic combine together!


Take a look at how these arts transformed into a fabulous gift!

Turn art into a memoir! These ceramic tiles are perfect to adorn one’s living room or as a great gift.

There’s nothing more precious than having a cuddly buddy printed with your favourite art!

Wear em’ with such proud! Make a fabulous tee statement printed with the children’s fine art and flaunt them.


With Printcious, you can have the best creation by using our online design tools. You can simply upload your arts and we will print them for you. You can produce your own art store with us easily and select from the ranges of our products such as t-shirts, cushions. ceramic tiles, phone cases and so much more.

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