Venturing into a new business is no easy task. There is no way to tell which obstacle is scarier—the unexpected or the anticipated. But for Vincent Tong, CEO and CMO of, finally owning an enterprise of his own is a dream come true and his success did not go unnoticed.

Recently, he was featured in business newspaper, MalaysiaSME, where he related his journey as an entrepreneur. It was not all smooth sailing; his road to success was riddled with bad investments and multiple leaps of faith.

People always say that DIY gifts are the best but let’s be real. Who has the time anymore? Here at Printcious, we want to make sure that your gifts are as personal as they can be without getting in the way of your real life commitments. With the online design tool we’ve developed, you can design your gifts from the comfort of your home and should you face any problems, our customer service team is always ready to help!


Part of the Printcious dream is to advocate the beauty of a gift-giving culture and to help foster meaningful relationships within our society. Vincent is at the helm of achieving this dream as he spearheads our efforts to being the largest online DIY gift printing platform in ASEAN. (First Singapore then THE WORLD!)

The next step into that direction is the launching of Printcious’ Designer Marketplace! So far, we have over 40 designers on board; we’re dubbing them our pioneer designers and as pioneers, they’ll be getting a few special perks! Sounds like a sweet deal, right?

Don’t worry, you didn’t miss out! Printcious is on a mission to discover new talent in the arts and craft industry and if you think you fit the bill, please reach out to us! Use our Designer Marketplace as a means to reward yourself for honing your talents. You draw, we sell, you get paid! Best of all, you get to choose how much you get paid!**

**All royalty rates are from 20% up to 100%.