Looking for a gift for the man in your life? It could be his birthday or his wedding. It could be your husband or even your dad. Sometimes having a list of gifts that you could apply to most men is convenient. Check out Printcious top 5 memorable gift ideas for men.

Outdoor activity 
If the special man in your life loves doing outdoor activities or he has a neck for an adventure, he’ll love an outdoor activity as a gift. If it’s for someone you’re involved with romantically, get yourself an activity which you both can do.  If you don’t know where to find outdoor activity gifts, check out Redbox Gifts for him.


A thermos is probably one of the most underrated gift. If you get someone a good thermos, you’re not just giving them a water storage, you’re gifting the gift of convenience. Imagine a day where your coffee will never ever go cold and stay warm throughout the whole day.

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Square Bottle
The Square Bottle was one of the few entrepreneurs that was able to make a deal on Shark Week. This bottle is shaped in a square so it won’t roll away while you’re in the middle of a work out. It also unscrews from the top as well as the bottle to ensure a thorough cleaning.


Cocktail Shaker 
Who wouldn’t want to be able to make amazing drinks at the comfort of your own home? All he has to do is add some ice and his favourite mixes and you just made yourself a cocktail. And if you get this Vintage Hotel Recipe Cocktail Shaker, you wouldn’t need a cocktail book because it already comes with 12 classic cocktail recipes.


Soda maker 
Have you ever wanted to make your own fizzy drink? Well if you had the Soda Xpress you could. Why waste more money buying canned drinks when you can make one at the comfort of your home. Now, he can customise and experiment with new soda flavours!