While it may seem to be quite difficult, getting dad a birthday gift can be quite easy. Usually he already has what he needs, and what he wants is pretty darn expensive. So what do I get him? Well after a few hours of feeling like an ungrateful child and a few more hours of internet trolling, these are the top best birthday presents for dad.

Fancy coffee/ coffee maker
If you’re a working adult, there is nothing like a freshly brewed cup of coffee. Even if your dad is retired or a stay at home dad (nothing wrong with that!), a nice hot cuppa will be sure to jumpstart the day.

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Car wash kit
There is no love like how a man loves his car (just don’t remind mum about it). I remember when I was a kid my fondest weekend memory was washing, waxing and polishing the car with my dad. Sure it was quite the chore especially since we had to wax the car under the hot sun, but watching my dad smile ear to ear was worth it. Get your dad a special car wash kit and maybe wash his car with him once in awhile. I’m pretty sure he’ll be more than happy.

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Desk organizer
This is applicable to the dads that works in an office or has a home office space. When you’re caught up in work, the desk ends up in quite a disaster. What do you do? Just look at it, cringe, then walk away. Ain’t got no time to be fixing up desks! But you know what’ll help? A desk organizers. My pens, notebooks, folders and post-its are where they’re suppose to be, and my desk has never been neater… Okay that’s a lie. It was neatest on my first day here, but beats looking like a mess!

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Fountain pen
Fountain pens are like medals for reaching adulthood. When you got your big boy pants on, you’ll be signing important documents, like house purchases, car loans, and even the cheque to your university fees. And what better way to sign it with their own special fountain pen.

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Electronic shaver
Bzzz bzzz was what I woke up to every sunday morning before we head to church when I was just a little girl. Unless your dad keeps a manly beard, electronic shavers probably arent the best way to shave, but it cuts having to get a new blade every few days. You can find electric shavers on Lazada as well in your nearby department stores.


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